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Again on Vanity’s disappointing defeat against Agen

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Against Agen this Thursday evening in the advance match of the 17th day of the Pro D2, the RC Vannes players lost by a small point (16-15). Here are 3 things to remember from this very disappointing setback.

Nothing has been needed, until now. It was exactly the match that should not be lost to a direct contender for the podium at the end of the season. At home, Vannetais finally lost in a suspense finale. And so they let Ajin take the lead.

Vanessa…well back on his game

Despite conceding low from the start (0-3, 3), Morbihannais’ side soon outmaneuvered their opponents by scoring two tries midway through the first half. Patrick Leyva (7-3, 14) and Nathanael Houlio (12-3, 26) were decisive in making progress against Agnes. An entire stadium was making noise at the time to support his team in this high table shock.

But then Vannes made several small errors and Agen took the opportunity to convert two penalties shortly before the break. In the first half, the two teams joined in the locker room with a very slight advantage for the Breton club (12-9). We will also remember from this first act the turnover that Lafage missed and that very nice action that ended with a mistake by Carl Chatto when he was not far from scoring a try.

He… Fanes went to the victory sum

On his return from the locker room, Maxime Lafage gave RCV a six-point lead (15-9, 49th place) to the delight of the 8,000 spectators present at La Rabine. Then the game definitely changed in the 65th minute. The moment Romarek Camus chose to try to drop more than 50 meters, but unfortunately the ball died on the crossbar. Those three points would have done the Brits a world of good, who were finally defeated with less than six minutes left in the match. A try scored by Agen thanks to Mike Sosene-Feagai and Thomas Vincent’s conversion allowed the visitors to narrowly win (16-15).

Vannes is…v

RCV will be able to feel some regrets after this match and this second defeat in a row after the one conceded last week by Massy. For its part, Agen confirmed its position as the best team in the tournament in motion. With the remainder of the 17th this Friday, Vannes is fifth in Pro D2 with 40 points, five less than Agen, and fourth.

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