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the notes of Guingampais after the draw obtained in Amiens (1-1)

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On the occasion of the 18th day of Ligue 2, En Avant Guingamp moved this Tuesday evening to the lawn of Amiens. Despite another average performance, the Costa Ricans did not come far from winning before being caught (1-1) at the very end of the match.

Forward Guingamp : 5

Dominated in the technical control of the ball, the Bretons left possession from the outset to the locals who chained the phases of play. Sometimes on the verge of breaking, the Guingampaise defense nevertheless held on in the first half thanks to good interventions from Baptiste Roux and feedback from Amine El Ouazzani. From an offensive point of view, Stéphane Dumont’s men have simply shown nothing, as far too often since the start of the season.

Against all expectations, En Avant Guingamp nevertheless managed to unblock the situation on their first opportunity of the game through El Ouazzani (1-0, 47th). But the physiognomy of the match did not really change since the Amiens continued to dominate the debates and could even have benefited from a penalty. At the very end of the match, the Breton lock finally gave in under pressure from Picardy (1-1, 90th). An equalizer that hurt a lot as Baptiste Roux’s partners were close to making a nice move.

Enzo Basilio : 5

Rarely put to use by opposing players, the goalkeeper showed seriousness before bowing in the last moments. His foot raises were very precise.

Vincent Manceau : 4

Despite his significant speed deficit, the dean of the Guingamp team had a fairly interesting start to the match from a defensive point of view. Offensively, he never helped Amine El Ouazzani, contenting himself with passing backwards. Beaten by Tolu Arokodare, the former Angevin is partly at fault on the goal of the equalizer.

Baptist Roux : 7

Match after match, he asserted himself as the real boss and the last rampart of the Breton defence. The number 2 has multiplied the decisive interventions in his area. Precise in his reminders, he also regularly broke the Amiens lines with his slammed passes. One of his mistakes, however, could have been very expensive before the break.

Matthis Riou: 5

The young central defender signed a correct match, but nothing more. His interventions sometimes lacked bite even if his placement allowed him to counterbalance.

Jules Gaudin : 2

Preferred to Stéphen Quemper by his coach, he had a bad evening. In very great difficulty defensively, he has never been able to create the difference on the other side of the field, something he knows how to do so well. A game to forget, especially if he gets a second chance from Stéphane Dumont.

Dylan Louiserre : 4

While he remained on an interesting performance against Quevilly (2-0 defeat), Dylan Louiserre did not necessarily confirm. Placed just in front of the Costa Rican defense, he took care of combing the area, but did not necessarily make his passing quality speak for itself. The ex-Niortais could even have offered a penalty to Amiens for an uncontrolled gesture in the area.

Tristan Muyumba : 3

Difficult to understand the positioning of number 6 for several games. Announced on the left, he very often migrated in the axis to touch more balloons. Unfortunately, he very often lost possession of it.

Mehdi Mergem : 4

The creative community failed to take control of their team’s play. Very rarely found facing the game, he did not bring the touch of madness which is nevertheless characteristic of him. He finally gave way to Souleymane Diarra for the last quarter of an hour after missing an interesting opportunity after a well-conducted counter-attack from Guingamp.

Amine El Ouazzani : 8

The winter rookie of En Avant Guingamp will simply have been present in the oven and in the mill in this match. Replaced as a right midfielder, the training center-forward showed the extent of his qualities. Not stingy with effort, he made two superb saves in the first half before expressing himself in attack in the second act. With a lot of accuracy and desire, he finished perfectly in a one-on-one against Régis Gurtner to open the scoring and at the same time score his first goal in the colors of Guingamp. A first achievement that should lead to others, in any case we hope.

Jeremy Livolant : 3

His flamboyant start to the season where everything was successful for him now seems to be only a distant memory. The captain of the Breton club multiplied the bad choices until showing some signs of annoyance before being replaced by Jacques Siwe (75th).

Baptist William : 5

The Belgian striker did what he knows how to do perfectly. Sought as a point of support by his partners, he allowed the EAG to gain ground thanks to his good ball retention and his deviations. Very good from the head, he did not however bring his size into the opposing area. Gaëtan Courtet succeeded him at the end of the match (81st).

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