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Ligue 2: Successful comeback in Colette Besson

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Facing a direct competitor in the second division, REC beat Fréjus (3-0) in style, on Saturday. Away from the score, this performance could put Rennes in a good dynamic at the start of the year.

After the defeat (3-0) against Saint-Eliac at the beginning of the year, the EC had to respond at home against Fréjus, on Saturday. Done for Quentin Marion’s Men. Rennes quickly dominated the meeting in the first set, with a comfortable lead in the middle of it (10-16). A similar scenario to the St-Jean game where the Bretilliens took the lead before slashing through the crucial points. This time, it was a different story because the first round winnings went to the Bretonians (25-18).

Serious REC to the end

The second group is identical to the first group, the uniformity in the Rin game allows them to benefit (16-13). At the time of the conclusion of this round, the teammates of Roman Hull, who has 22 points, did not waver (25-19). Despite everything, the Fréjus players did not give up in this meeting and stood against REC (16-15 and then 21-20). But the lessons of the past allowed the Bretagne team not to falter at the time of the end of this meeting, in contrast to the match with Saint-Jean (26-24).

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