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EverTrust: French software publisher in digital trust

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Specializing in cybersecurity, and more specifically in the digital trust and certification lifecycle management sector, software publisher EverTrust supports companies in CAC 40 and SBF 120 as well as ETIs and SMEs, thanks to its SaaS offering.

EverTrust aims through its activity to provide operational, secure and efficient solutions, which make it possible to clarify IT security, but also to control the life cycle of digital certificates. Digital certificates are now the foundation of encryption on the Internet, and their mismanagement can be a source of service outages or downtime.

Multidisciplinary team

Created in 2017, the French company relies on the expertise of a multidisciplinary team led by four partners: Jean-Julien Alfadoux, Alexandre Aurier, Kamel Verchouche and Etienne Laviolette.

EverTrust team consists of R&D department, strategy and development department, marketing department, but also design department and sales team.

We oversee and support the skill development of our teams in order to stay up to date with innovations and knowledge.

At EverTrust, trust and high standards are the foundation of our company. This concept of trust is the backbone of the company; We work every day to preserve, honor and grow it with our internal teams, customers and partners. says Jean-Julien Alvado, CEO.

An innovative company with a complete offer

EverTrust has set itself the task of expanding cyber security access to all structures, thanks to its cloud offering. ” The cyber threat is real in France and concerns everyone; EverTrust must respond to this major problem Alexandre Aurier, CTO.

Thus, the company is creating new software, and wants to inform companies about the risks they are exposed to. It offers a completely ‘off-the-shelf’ approach to this, with software designed to meet their needs.

Taking charge of necessary technical complexity EverTrust demonstrates that it has a demanding way, whether for technical design, innovation, security, usability or design; By offering solutions for all kinds of structures. ” Our SaaS offerings are operational solutions and are available as installable software or web service. “It allows companies to control their costs and secure their activities,” explains Kamel El Farshoush, Operations Manager..

Excellence Partnerships

EverTrust’s development strategy aims to expand its business in several countries: whether in France, Europe, North America or in the Middle East where French cybersecurity technologies are appreciated.

We now have a partnership with Hexa, partner of French companies in the sector that does an exceptional job thanks to its experience and knowledge of the ecosystem, which supports us in our development. We also work with RNTrust In the Middle East, an important hub that can be relied upon, as well as with integration partners such as SYNETIS whose experience indicatesThe three founders conclude.

With a “turnkey” approach, demanding business methodology and operational solutions (STREAM / HORIZON / OCSP) EverTrust responds to new challenges of information systems (DevOps, Cloud).

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