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The migration of French AI platforms is a matter of sovereignty

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There are times in history when prudent decisions have allowed France to maintain a position of strength thanks to technological turning points taken early enough and, above all, thought out so as to constitute a competitive advantage. One can take the example of choosing nuclear power to ensure a massive and relatively inexpensive electricity supply while increasing national energy sovereignty. AI is an important issue like electricity and many French AI platforms are also being bought by foreign investors.

Artificial intelligence is transforming society, armies, administrations, and every part of the economy

This parallel between AI and electrification is no coincidence. one of the rock stars Artificial intelligence, prof Andrew NG (Former Google and founder of several startups including Coursera) declared that “Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity” (Artificial intelligence is the new electricity). Meaning, AI affects every aspect of economic activity and almost every task in our daily lives. So much so that a country lagging behind in AI issues actually runs the risk of being underrated and relied upon, and thus losing sovereignty.

The spread of artificial intelligence will profoundly change every industry, every service, and almost every aspect of our daily lives. From agriculture to health through finance, energy and defense/security. The list of applications is endless and its implementation is inevitable as the difference in efficiency is well established.

What is an artificial intelligence platform?

An AI platform is like an AI factory. Allowing the creation of new and diverse AI systems and drawing largely on existing components. To parallel the industry, the development of a new electronic device will largely depend on existing electronic components. Thus, in devices that perform very different functions, one can encounter many identical components (resistors, transistors, microprocessors, various semiconductors, etc.). In the same way that we can’t imagine re-creating every component to create a new device, we can’t imagine re-creating every algorithm for every new application of AI.

Thus, these AI platforms are a vital foundation for the emergence of mass AI and the rapid development of AI while ensuring stable deployments.

fee. AI Platform (Papai) Publishes a Use Case for Classifying Military and Civil Aircraft on Satellite Imagery (Permission Permission by Owner)

It is precisely the fundamental and episodic nature of AI, the fact that it is the basis for so many applications, that the role cannot be put off too late. Of course, creating new apps will always be possible, but if the apps depend on foreign bases/platforms, dependency will be created. It only expands as the number of applications increases.

Having French platforms for artificial intelligence is vital to national sovereignty

Many examples of AI platform startups founded in France have moved their headquarters to other countries (particularly the US) or even been taken over entirely by foreign investors. The amounts invested are much higher than in France.

One of the main reasons to own French platforms is to control the development and deployment of AI technologies. It is important for economic competitiveness, national security, and ethical considerations. Dependence on foreign platforms means accepting massive amounts of data to be processed by tools we are not proficient in. This is a technical risk but also legal, financial, and even strategic in some cases.

Moreover, having a sovereign AI platform can allow the country to adapt AI technologies to its specific needs and priorities and enhance the competitiveness of the French strategic offer. In particular, we recall that one of the reasons for the cancellation of the submarine contract with Australia was the AUKUS agreement, which provided for – among other things – the sharing of artificial intelligence capabilities. Having good material without providing the AI ​​to go along with it tends to devalue that material itself.

It also makes it easier for France to cooperate with research institutions and companies on artificial intelligence projects, and to regulate the use of artificial intelligence more effectively. By supporting sovereign AI platforms, France will create more opportunities for its companies and citizens in AI research and development.

Finally, having its own sovereign AI platforms would allow France to have a greater say in international discussions and negotiations on AI-related issues, such as ethical standards and governance frameworks. This could allow France to shape the direction of the global AI landscape in a way that reflects its interests and values.

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