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NM1: Union Ren win back, Lorient win the derby against Vitré, Landerneau still beat

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This weekend, in NM1, Union Rennes Basket is once again starting to dominate Berck (87-68). The derby between CEP Lorient and Aurore Vitré kept his promise with an impressive victory for Morbihanni (71-67). For his part, Landerno continuedH Defeat again (88-72) and the Red Lanterns remain in the LFB.

URB beats Avenir Berck Basket

In NM1, the URB rebounded after losing to its neighbor, Aurore Vitré, at the end of 2022. Rennais built on this success from the first minutes of the meeting. At the end of the first quarter, the gap had already widened between the two teams as the Locals led 25-15. They even took advantage of some clumsiness from the Burke players to intercept several balls before half-time, bringing the lead to 50-32 after the first twenty minutes.

The reaction of the northerners was expected during the third quarter. And it’s happened since they went 11-0 with Woods. URB players limited the damage before the final quarter (68-55). Although Sekou Coundé shone in the great evenings with 25 points, the Bretilliens were scared 5 minutes from the end of this meeting (73-66). The seriousness and application on the part of Pascal Thibaud’s players, however, allowed them to win this match (87-68) in order to start the new year in the best possible way.

The derby for CEP Lorient against Aurore Vitré

In the first leg, Vetran won the match by 11 points. The setback had to be erased by Laurentiis on Saturday. From the first minutes, it was the locals who applied pressure through Brahim Jumbo (23-16, 10). At the break, it was still Lorient who led this meeting (34-39).

Upon his return from the locker room, both teams passed through the third quarter watching their opponents play. The gap widened from 5 to 15 points, indicating that the battle between the two teams was over. But the reaction of the Britelians could have been decisive, as they managed to close the gap between the two teams and found themselves with a one-point lead (63-62) two minutes from the end of the match. Despite Vitré’s insane comeback, the dying gasps were in favor of Morbihannais who drove home the point late in the game to take a huge hit against a direct competitor (71-67).

Landerneau still wasn’t moving forward

It was a perfect opportunity for Les Filles de Breizh to start the year with a win in the LFB against Saint-Amand, an opponent who is also in difficulty. But Wani Muganguzi’s players did not start the match from the right, and the difference was already achieved at the end of the first quarter (21-14). The Woods women reacted immediately as they managed to get back to par early in the second quarter (23-23). Unfortunately, empty lanes HIt was too frequent for the Landernéennes and the locals started again with 14 consecutive points to widen a new gap before halftime (45-35).

The third quarter was in favor of the Saint-Amand players, who managed to maintain the same level of play throughout the match. Unlike the British, who sank first before they could return to the pot, but it was too late. Despite Davis’ 24 points and Dongo’s 19, Landerno lost (88-72) and came back empty-handed on his trip to Hauts-de-France.

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