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A sharp rise in corporate bankruptcies in 2022 | Cnil fines Apple €8 million

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newsletter ➡ Sharp rise in business failures in 2022 | The number of business failures in France It rebounded strongly in 2022 after a significant decline during the health crisis, overtaking 41,000 More than a year, but still 20% below the pre-Covid level, indicated on Thursday Bank of France. Between January and December 2022, 41,020 defaults were recorded, compared to 27,592 between January and December 2021, according to figures published by the central bank.

Business failure

In 2022, the number of business failures will return to normal without reaching pre-COVID levels.”It said in a press release: It is 20% lower than that recorded in 2019 (51,145 failures throughout the year). ” This normalization movement is common to all sectors of the economy and is slightly more pronounced for small and medium-sized businesses except for unspecified sizesshe added. But The Bank of France does not expect a wave of bankruptcies in the coming monthsIt was highlighted Emily this is my countryCorporate manager within the organization. In detail, in December 2022 over one year, insolvency doubled (105.7%) in Residence and the Recovery. This sector has benefited a lot from aid during the health crisis, when many establishments had to close their doors temporarily by the government. industry (+64.3%), the trade And Auto repair (+54.4%) also recorded clear increases. The increase in insolvency cases is particularly noticeable among Small and medium-sized companies (+48.7%), very special small projects (+95.8%) and small businesses (+92.2%). It is much lower in medium and large companies (+20.8%).

the number ➡ 8 million euros | CNIL Occurred A fine of 8 million euros to Apple to impose it Tracks ads to its users in FranceAnd without permission express of those, she said on Wednesday. The French Guardian of Online Privacy had launched the investigation following a complaint from the association Digital Francewhich brings together French startups and, in particular, software developers distributed through the US group’s App Store.

An apple

The relatively limited nature of the fine is explained by the fact thatan Apple quickly complied during a CNIL investigation, which took place in mid-2021. In addition, these advertising identifiers only allow Apple to target Internet users as they browse the mobile app store (app store), and thus in a well-defined domain. Finally, the authority was only able to punish abuses in France. ” We are disappointed with this decision (…) and will appealApple responded in a statement to the press. ” Cnil recognized that the way “ads are now distributed in the App Store” prioritizes protecting user privacy.”, added the American giant. For their part, the French digital marketing professionals were very pleased with this decision. This punishment (…) testifies once again to the extent of Apple’s arbitrary practices, which are currently disputed all over the world, from Japan to the United States via Poland.In fact, the old version 14.6 of Apple’s operating system deposited identifiers “by default” on the brand’s mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.). These identifiers allowed Apple to personalize ads that are broadcast on the App Store If the user does not want this ad tracking, he should uncheck a box in the device settings.

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