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What do we remember from Morbihannais defeating Massey (18-14), the Red Lantern of the Championship?

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RC Vannes sadly lost (18-14) at Massy Park on Friday evening during the 16th day of Pro D2. A shock defeat with catastrophic consequences since Britton fell to seventh in the standings. Here’s what to remember from the meeting.

It all started well

However, the meeting started well for Maxime Lavage and his partners. Through a precise and rhythmic game, they made it through Cyril Blanchard (7-0, 10). But then the meeting was reversed. United and uncomplicated, the people of Ile-de-France entered their meeting with great solemnity. Taking advantage of RC Vannes’ indiscipline, they reduced the score thanks to two good penalties (7-3, 16 and then 7-6, 32).

Massey passes in front just before half-time

As the first half approaches, the duel between David and Goliath is perfectly balanced. Lacking inspiration, Jean-Noel Spitzer’s men could find no fault in the opponent’s applied defence. Finally it was the Massicois team who took the loss of Breton’s ball to advantage. After a sprint over 40 metres, Martin CarrĂ© went in on goal (7-13, 40). A terrible blow to the head of the RC Vannes players, who headed back to the locker room.

Too many inaccuracies to hope for the best

In the second season, Francisco Jurisn and his teammates broke their teeth again in local defense. Lacking success in key moments, they never seemed able to turn the tide. Then the bullet losses multiplied one by one while the time ticked on the stopwatch. In one of their only forays into a 22-meter run from Vannes in the second period, the Essonians scored a second goal to protect themselves from a possible return from Morbihanni (7-18, 68).

RC Vannes is in difficulty off her base

Despite Joseph Edwards’ low points at the end of the match (14-18, 74), Vanita fell to Pro D2’s Red Lanterns. A very poor result confirming the team’s negative results abroad since nine trips, RC Vannes has already lost six times. From an accounting standpoint, the Brits drop to seventh but are only two points behind Agen, who is currently fourth in the championship. They will also face SUA the next day which will be held on January 12th. Perfect opportunity to re-launch Jean-Noel Spitzer and company.

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