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end of the course for Lannion FC and Stade Pontivyen

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Lannion FC and Stade Pontivyen lost respectively against Toulouse (1-7) and Les Herbiers (1-4) this Sunday. The beautiful course in the Coupe de France of our Bretons therefore stops at the gates of the 16th finals.

Toulouse was far too strong. From the first moments of the match, Rémy Le Bourdoulous’s men tried to play the game, but the Toulouse block blocked the raises perfectly, forcing the Lannionnais to clear the ball. Author of a parade against Naatan Skytta, Florian Piolot could then do nothing on the cross shot from the Finn (0-1, 12th). Then after a solitary action, Yanis Begraoui slipped into the area and doubled the mark (0-2, 32nd).

Despite a complicated start to the match, the Costarmoricans did not give up, Karim Achahbar offered himself a face-to-face with Kjetil Haug. The ball passed under the goalkeeper before finishing in the goal following a disagreement in the TFC defense (1-2, 36th). A short-lived reaction since the Toulouse scored a new goal just before half-time through Thjis Dallinga who was in the area (1-3, 39th). A new twist of fate for the Bretons.

Lannion sank

Upon returning from the locker room, the National 3 players very quickly put pressure on Toulouse by offering themselves a few situations. But against a professional club, every mistake can be costly. On the first foray of Philippe Montanier’s players in the second half, Veljko Birmancevic hit the nail on a header (1-4, 57th). The score was weighed down with the achievements of Damien Boisvilliers (csc, 1-5, 66th), and Thijs Dallinga (1-6, 75th). Stijn Spierings also scored (1-7, 81st).

Reality has therefore caught up with the players of FC Lannion who therefore leave this competition after a historic journey. The players of Rémy Le bourdoulous will now focus on maintaining the league, the main objective of the Breton club this season.

It’s also over for Pontivy

For its part, Stade Pontivyen also had a complicated afternoon against Les Herbiers (N2). The N3 players conceded two goals in the first half hour of play before seeing Filanckembo be sent off. In difficulty, the Morbihannais were even led 3-0 in the 80th minute of play, before saving the honor at the end of the game thanks to Le Bigaut (1-3, 87th). But Les Herbiers offered themselves a fourth goal (1-4, 94th) just before the final whistle. The beautiful course of Pontivy is therefore over in this edition of the Coupe de France.

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