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The Venistarians largely controlled Yates-Mont-Blanc (7-2)

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On Friday evening, the Albatross in Brest took on the Yétis of Mont-Blanc in a duel between two direct competitors. The Bretonians lost heavily in all areas of the game (7-2).

In very good form for several weeks, Brestois held on to five straight wins before moving on to Saint-Gervais. For their part, Yeti players can rely on their fire attack to put the Albatross in trouble. Which they did because nothing went as planned for Pavol Mihalik’s men. Here’s what to remember from the meeting.

Lively start to the match

It didn’t take long to see Yetess show. In just fourteen minutes, they broke Breton’s lock three times (0-1, 7, 0-2, 9 and then 0-3, 15) to start the meeting in the best way possible. Heading under water, Brest Albatross took advantage of the numerical advantage to close the gap thanks to Ville Vepsäläinen (1-3, 18) and Mathieu Tremblay (2-3, 18).

Yeti hunt

Then Haute-Savoyards pulled ahead in the second period. Helpless and unresolved, the Albatross in Brest again surrendered to the attacking power of the local population (2-4, 34 and 2-5, 38). Then the game took a horrific turn for the Venistarians who could no longer even create chances. But the locals did not stop their demonstration.

The end of the albatross series in Brest

Untenable, the Yeti went on to recover their scoring average with Kurt Sonn (2-6, 48) and Bruno Zaps (2-7, 55) in the final third. Amorphous for nearly forty minutes, the Bretons bowed logically for the first time since November 19th. Thus, Jacob Vrana and his partners finished fifth in Division 1 and will have to show a reaction when they receive Neuilly-sur-Marne (9th place).

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