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Teaways Tea ataya Tea: Discover the purest African traditions and open up to a new art of living

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If you are from the African continent, or if you have been to Senegal or Mali… you surely know and appreciate Ataya tea, an excellent traditional drink with a thousand and one virtues.

Today, thanks to Ibrahima Camara, the brilliant consultant and recognized entrepreneur, you can find it in your living room and in your office, in just a few – in less than 30 to be exact! – The joy of savoring all the generosity and cordiality of an exceptionally authentic brew that will transport you instantly to the heart of its origins.

Tea, the most consumed beverage in the world: More than 1 billion cups of tea are drunk daily. In addition to its benefits and the pleasure it provides to aficionados and epicureans, tea often contributes to the philosophy and culture of the country’s inhabitants. To share these invaluable values ​​and to honor Ataya tea, Ibrahima Kamara co-founded his startup in Tonon-les-Bains, an area famous, among other things, for the quality of its water. Filmed for export, Tea Espresso was invited to the International Gastronomy Festival of Thonnon-les-Bains and selected by Pas Africa 2022. Sublime all symbols of a refined finish in your home, in your hotel, in your restaurant, in your company … Proud of its image and refinement, Teaways is already available in major airport lounges and in prestigious hotel chains; Infinite, Radisson or Pullman.

By participating in protecting the environment from deforestation, Teaways eliminates the use of charcoal (burn for 90 minutes and time is approximately half an hour) needed to prepare the “classic” recipe for Ataya tea. Teaways’ unique concept consists of a machine with a sleek design and 100% recyclable capsules containing 100% natural liquid tea, with no dyes or preservatives. Beneficial properties of green tea Fresh mint and cloves Perfect dosage and temperature Perfect flavors Creamy foam …

Not only perfect to satisfy your taste buds, the authentic recipes of Senegalese Saloum Tea and Indian Kashmiri Tea deliver on the promise of giving you an authentic experience. Immerse yourself in a world you never knew was within reach of a cup. Ibrahima Camara has imagined for you the symbols of a new world, a marriage of culture and knowledge, synonymous with craftsmanship and luxury … and he is its ambassador and standard-bearer. We are witnessing the birth of a brand that, without a doubt, promised a great and wonderful future!

Gift box, a selection of 25 capsules, the perfect gift to give to friends or just to treat yourself! »

Contact More information and order online at www.tea-ways.com

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