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Comedy on top at the Alpe d’Huez Festival

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The Alpe d’Huez Festival, chaired by Karine Viard, will take place from January 17 to 22, 2023. Who will win the Grand Prize or the General Prize? While awaiting the winners of this festival dedicated to comedies unique in France, the station takes on a festive atmosphere with previews open to the public and numerous interviews with the cast.

Ski, vin chaud and avant-première of comedies that rempliront les salles for l’année à venir… This is the grand-messe of the comedie who has a lieu chaque d’année in the station of Alpe d’Huez à do not miss. In its 26th edition, the event is open to the public – sessions are free – bringing together well-known artists and young talents for 5 days. After Alexandra Lamy (2019), José García (2020) and Michel Larocque (2022), actress Karine Viard will head the jury composed of Camille Chamoux, Brangir Crieff, Antoine Bertrand and Stéphane Foenquenos.

Disdain to the surrounding gloom associated with the crisis? This year there will be more films in competition at L’Alpe d’Huez:

Happy Man – Tristan Seguilla with Fabrice Luchini and Catherine Fruit; La plus belle pour aller danser by Victoria Bedos was her first film as a director (after co-writing La famille Bélier) with Philippe Catherine and Pierre Richard. Also on display are Laurent Tirad, Juste ciel, Les Complices by Cecilia Raud with François Damien and the participation of Vanessa Paradis, as well as Les Têtes Givrées by Stephane Cazes with Clovis Cornelac and Claudia Tagbo. Finally, In Our Ages by Robin Sykes with Thierry Lhermitte and Patrick Timsit, Les Petiz Victoires by Mélanie Auvrier with Julia Beaton and Michel Blanc; A la belle étoile by Sébastien Tulard with Pascal Légitimus, and December 23 by Canadian Miryam Bouchard. International festival required!

He also eagerly awaited releases out of competition, BDE, Michael Yeon’s film.

finallylike every year, the festival The creation of the prize list is entrusted to one of the most recognized French artists in world contemporary art, Richard Orlinsky. Future winners will receive: A copy of his famous book Wild Kong Raising a mountain full of stars – the official attribute of the festival.

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