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Dropped balls vs Saint-Jean-Delac (3-0)

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REC Volley could do nothing against Saint-Jean d’Illiac, and loste With a wide score (3-0). However, Rennes deserved better than this first match of 2023.

After a complex victory at the end of 2022 against Saint-Quentin (3-2), Quentin Marion players started 2023 with a hard defeat against Saint-Jean-Dillac (3-0). Despite this complicated result, Breitlin’s team posed many problems for the locals as evidenced by the successful start to the match, 6-8. The end of the first set is tight, the two teams respond to a strike (21-20), but the Ligue B leader takes advantage during the decisive points, 25-20.

A slight wake-up at the end of the match in favor of REC

Victory in the first round galvanized Saint-Jean-Delac’s players, and the Breton side chased the score through the entire second set. 8-5, then 16-12 and 25-21 the buildings are higher than the REC. Despite everything, Rin’s efforts could have been rewarded with a victory in the third round.

In fact, Tituan’s teammates took Halle ahead from the start (4-8), even considering pocketing the set and returning to the match when they were ahead (20-23). But the reality is completely different, as the Girondins finished this match with five points in a row. This 3-0 loss is salty, but REC has shown resources and can take inspiration from that performance to prepare for Fréjus’ reception on Saturday.

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