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Crème de la Crème: our selection of galettes des Rois 2023!

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With the advent of the New Year comes the tradition of celebrating the Epiphany by eating the delicious galette de roi. This pastry cannot be separated from this celebration that takes place every year on January 6th. This tradition, which has spanned the centuries since Roman times, has adapted to different cultures, and today is a staple winter dessert.

Here is our pick for 2023!

Monsieur Dior cake

Created by the fashion house of Dior in collaboration with Chef Jean Amper and Pastry Chef Romuald Bizerte. Monsieur Dior’s galette is enhanced with a biscuit in the shape of a wind rose and contains a bean with the same motif, the hallmark of the brand.

Dior cake

The cake is from Maison LaDurée

Galit duration

Julien Alvarez’s Galette des Rois is an original pastry that combines the softness of a Basque cake with the crunch of a classic galette. Filled with almond and pistachio cream, scented with neroli, Maison Ladurie’s signature.

Peninsula cake

Peninsula pie

Galette peninsula is an original pastry that combines the characteristics of galette des rois, traditionally eaten in northern France, and king cake, more famous in the south. It’s flavored with Tahitian vanilla and almond and is made on Vienna bread with apple sourdough, Tahitian vanilla and raw cream. The filling is almond cream with Tahitian vanilla, a fudge of raw almonds with roasted vanilla and almond cream with Tahitian vanilla. The crunchy salted caramel dough covering this crown adds a touch of indulgence that young and old will appreciate.

Galette Philippe Continecini

It consisted of an inverted crispy pancake that melted in the mouth but surprisingly. Galette des Rois by Philippe Conticini is a generous frangipane made with almond flour and a touch of rum. Finally, icing sugar which forms a honeycomb texture is applied to the cake for perfection. But that’s not all, if the pastry chef made pastries for kings, he didn’t neglect the queens. In collaboration with the Girl Scouts, Philippe Contesini has created a new version of the traditional gallette in which he has added a touch of gluttony, a gianduja and a chocolate disc in the center of the cake.

Queen cake

Galette Taormina – Maison Molot.

Made with high quality ingredients and exceptional expertise, the 2023 galette des Rois from maison mulot is made with crispy dough and a filling based on hazelnut peel and citron peel, which gives an original and delicious flavor to the galette.

Field mouse cake

Royal Monceau Paris Raffles Gallet

Quentin Lechat’s signature Galette des Rois consists of an inverted puff pastry with Isigny butter and vanilla rum frangipane with pralines and Brazil nut notes.

Royal Munsu cake

The Sun of the Kings galette from La Maison Du Chocolat

Perfect to start the year, Nicolas Cloiseau’s Soleil des Rois galette consists of caramelized puff pastry studded with pearls of lemon juice and soft black ganache, melted hazelnut cream with candied yellow lemon and smooth dark chocolate ganache. Roasted hazelnuts and a delicate crown of chocolate complete this gourmet galette. The contrast between chocolate, citruses and dried fruits creates a particularly delicate trio of flavors.

Homemade chocolate cake

The Cruffin of Kings by Quentin Lechat & The French Bastards

For chocolate lovers, The French Bastards and Quentin Lechat, pastry chef at Palace Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris, have teamed up to create the XXL Cruffin for an epiphany. Inspired by croissants and brownies, this hybrid dessert is topped with chocolate-hazelnut frangipane, chocolate ganache, and spreadable toppings. Cruffin is coated in a very crunchy chocolate dough with Isigny-Sainte-Mère buttercream.

Quentin Letchat cake

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