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My Music Ads, a fanbase development company for music artists

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A marketing agency specializing in the music industry, My Music Ads trains artists to develop visibility with effective digital advertising.

Support artists in their digital promotion

Daily, My Music Ads manages 20 to 30 new applications from French artists. And for good reason, the marketing agency is unique, because of the strong specialization that is in its DNA: supporting players in the music industry to develop their visibility thanks to a tailored and transparent digital strategy. “An artist is a businessman. In addition to his music, he has to manage the financial, marketing, legal, etc. aspects, which he is not necessarily mastered in. Our role will be to bring light to the singer, musician or DJ in terms of digital promotion, ”notes Mikael Rainier, Founder My Music Ads. The latter, having worked in the digital field for recording artists, wanted to use this experience to help younger artists boost their exposure.

Indeed, the young man noticed inconsistencies in the way the largest marketing structures in the music industry operate. “Online advertising services from independent labels or artists can be very opaque. The artist will pay for the service in full, but won’t have access to their data, won’t know the exact commission amount and will have to pay VAT which they won’t get back in most cases. Hence, A large portion of her budget will not go into her communications,” Mikael notes. Well aware of this, My Music Ads has implemented a different concept, more useful for artists.

Even with small amounts, you can increase your visibility tenfold.

In fact, the agency has transformed itself into a Qualiopi-accredited training organization (which can be funded by OPCO, CPF or even Pôle Emploi) to offer online advertising training modules on social networks, in order to understand how to create effective digital campaigns. Individually, in the offices of My Music Ads in Paris or by video, this training is followed by e-learning modules, to push learning to its peak. My Music Ads therefore applies the proverb: “When a man is hungry, it is better to teach him to fish than to give him a fish” so that the artist can dedicate most of his communications budget…to his communications. “For 100 euros we can generate 10,000 views on Youtube in France. Broadcasting ads to 1,000 netizens costs 3 euros on Instagram and less than 1 euro on TikTok. When an artist wants to promote himself, his first fear is not having enough budget, even with Having small amounts we can increase its visibility tenfold when we know how to invest it, ”Mikael continues.

In order to combine theory and practice as well as the short and medium term, My Music Ads has developed a six-month support, dedicated to learners, with fun and innovative technology. With a few clicks, the artist can order a campaign according to different criteria: the element to be promoted, the social network, the budget, etc. The campaign is then posted to the artist’s accounts, which is a key component. There will be no need to incur additional costs, except those paid for managing ads in Google, Meta or TikTok.

Data, the backbone of war

To maximize the effectiveness of the digital campaign, my music ads will be data-driven. Using a funnel strategy, ads will target internet users who have shown some interest in the artist by being a subscriber, watching half of a story, or liking certain posts. “With us, the data belongs to the artists, which is very rare in the industry. Before that, we will have trained him to analyze his data, to use it wisely, ”adds the founder of the agency. Thus, in a world where music is being consumed more quickly and where many artists are emerging day by day, My Music Ads seeks to support learners to create a loyal fan base around their own musical art.

By maintaining the musical project over several months, communication is a key component of the artist’s development. Since its founding last year, My Music Ads has managed over €1 million in advertising budget, allowing the agency’s teams to constantly learn to provide the best possible service to its members. By partnering with players in the music world, such as Media Hyconiq, My Music Ads strives to become the authority in this universe. The foundations are laid, the expertise is in, and the rest looks great.

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