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Great first: Algeria eases visa requirements for tourists

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focus today A small revolution in the reception of tourists in Algeria who can now obtain a visa on arrival. Relaxation relates to the great south of Algeria whose heritage and natural wonders make it a unique destination. Long inaccessible, desert lovers only went to the world’s largest desert in search of adventure and infinity, during luxury glamping-style stays. Today, within the framework of tourism promotion in the country and the many reforms that have been carried out to promote this sector, the procedures have been facilitated through the prior visa exemption.

A permit will be issued upon arrival in Algeria, for example at the airport. This measure applies to tourists arriving in the territory as part of stays organized by authorized Algerian travel agencies. The Ministry of Interior said in its press release.

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Tourism is mainly concentrated in the north of the country, drawing more visitors to the onslaught of 1,200 kilometers of coastline, mountainous landscapes and vibrant cities, each cultivating a strong identity, from Algiers La Blanche to Oran, the city of lions, passing through Constantine, the city that is the cradle of Three thousand years old civilization. The great south has remained little known despite its many UNESCO-listed sites such as the historic castles of Djemila and Timgad, or the sprawling oasis of Ghardaïa located 611 kilometers south of Algiers on the trans-Saharan road. The architecture of this “smart city” made it from another time. Simone de Beauvoir says it painted like a “cubist painting, exquisitely constructed”.

Jean-François Real, CEO and founder of Voyageurs du Monde, talks about his role in “emotional and aesthetic trauma…”:

This fortified city, with mud-brick walls covered with palm leaves, is organized into geometric alleys like mosaics. It was believed that urbanization is in harmony with nature with the aim of diverting the heat of the sun.

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Finally, the lunar landscapes of the sandstone massifs of Hoggar and Tassili n’Ajjer, known for amassing one of the world’s most important collections of prehistoric rock art – also UNESCO-listed – will not be an exhausting mirage. bureaucracy.

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