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Alexis Melikov, the entrepreneur behind the Tigermilk restaurant chain.

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Tigermilk is above all a culinary and human adventure. Founded in 2015 by chef and entrepreneur Alexis Melikov, the restaurant chain has attracted lovers of quality street food by offering original and modern cuisine inspired by Latin American culinary traditions.

Tigermilk is above all a story of passion and conviction. After completing graduate business school, and starting a career in investment funds and as a real estate agent, Alexis Melikov launched his first company: a chain of poke bowls in the US. Its success led to more than 100 locations opening in just two years. This led him to travel to Mexico to explore its culinary cultures and the legendary city of Acapulco.

Inspired by these trips and his desire to undertake them, Alexis Melikov decided to create his own chain of restaurants in Europe, taking care to respect the scales of food and meet the expectations of his customers. While their first establishment was born on the Parisian track in 2019, Tigermilk has quickly established itself in the fast food market thanks to its original offering of high quality and affordable prices. Today, Tigermilk has conquered the capital by opening several establishments in Paris and in several large cities such as Lille or Brussels.

For the entrepreneur and chef, “The goal is to offer a healthy and tasty alternative to traditional fast foods.” Since the chain’s launch, it has emphasized the use of fresh, local produce, as well as culinary innovation to provide a unique dining experience for its customers. Since its inception, the brand has been committed to using fresh and local produce, to continual innovation and to adopting sustainable practices across all of its establishments. The chain has also been praised for its responsible and environmental approach, implementing sustainable practices in its restaurants and using compostable packaging.

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