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Apartment on rue de Varennes, or when the Galerie Etienne Levy creates the event

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Arts | In the world of gallery owners, this trend is starting to catch on. Artists, designers and antique dealers unite to present their work. Like at home. Welcome to the apartment gallery! Forbes offers you a visit to the famous Etienne Lévy Gallery. Wonderful!

Founded in 1928, Gallery Etienne LÉVY offers quality furniture and artwork to collectors and all 18th-century enthusiasts.

Apartment on rue de Varenne where you can find a rare pair of small wardrobes from the Régence period, in black wood with Martin lacquer and chines lacquer (on the right in the photo)

Mahogany furniture, with transitions, secrets … but also rare benches, lacquerware, marquetry and gilded bronze harmoniously combine in these exhibition rooms (42, avenue de Varennes, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris) where the gallery settled in 1976. The Etienne Passage The Lévy gallery is undergoing a transformation, and Pierre Lévy regularly presents more recent works there, giving an idea of ​​a lively collection and a taste that does not remain fixed at a particular point in time.

Thus, the gallery owner arrives in the courtyard of 42 rue de Varenne Magda Danish And from here Frederic Mattei, jewelry designeris the perfect opportunity to show that harmony arises from the convergence of different artistic horizons. So “Apartment on the Rue de Varennes” was born and well. successful chemistry.

The articulation of this harmony is dazzling, as the contemporary works subtly dialogue with antique furniture as well as with jewellery, linking past and present, but also between different parts of the world.

Madame’s alcove with 18th-century dressing table, bed, and pendants by Frédérique Mattei

The gallery presents to the gaze several living rooms as if inhabited, which the owners have just left, leaving a book or an evening gown in passing.

Iconic link between aerosol image Madam Mayaz Brothers portraits of ornate women from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; Artistic mixing of Meiping folded paper vase Lee Hongbo placed on a tray lacquer cabinet with the same peony leaves; Face mesh seat from Philip Banton and mahogany lyre chairs with straight, even lines… The collector enjoys creating aesthetic or technical bridges between his works and his objects, harmonious relationships emphasized by the shapes and colors of decades Frederick Matt Themselves condensed art and history.

aerosol image Madam Mayaz Brothers

💡 “Apartment on Rue de Varennes”

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