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The six trends that will drive innovation from 2023

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As crises pile up—the war in Ukraine, access to energy, the numerous wave of the coronavirus—a dive into innovation territory is essential to breaking new ground and rethinking the economy of tomorrow.

A challenge of course. However, this is the challenge set by the innovation laboratory of KPMG France, the leading consulting and auditing firm, to a group of leaders in the innovative economy, agents of change, managers and decision makers, students and home experts.

These committed and inspiring stakeholders in the Trends book outline the six directions for a positive and sustainable economy:

  • 1the time Direction: “Man at heart”

At a time when people are more important than ever at the heart of organizations, commitment now transcends the HR horizon and becomes a strategic base to invest in or even reinvent, generating new sources of traction and loyalty for brands like employers.

  • 2The tenth Direction: “Connecting economies”

To date, the cooperative logics, often limited and restricted, are taking on a new dimension and moving towards a real economy of links. This is based on the partners’ extended ecosystems where value is also created outside the boundaries of the company.

  • 3The tenth Direction: “more than a little”

In a world of scarcity, rationalization of production chains, and fewer and less sustainable performance models, sobriety emerges as a new domain for sustainable value creation, based on new approaches to essentials and adding meaning.

  • 4The tenth Direction: “vital continuity”

A new paradigm is emerging that aims to restore and establish a new relationship with our ecosystems. From inspiring organisms to renewing the environment, 2023 will see a fundamental change in innovation paradigms, which are part of new symbiotic approaches, and a more global consideration of environmental impacts.

  • 5The tenth Direction: “DNA Tech”

Among the new conquest areas – metaverse, web 3, etc. Shared big data, responsible technology challenges and personalization issues, technology affects all components of companies and is essential to executing strategy and transforming organisations.

  • 6The tenth Direction: “multiple crises”

While the accumulation of crises puts traditional models of resilience under strain, organizations’ ability to resist and predict becomes a key factor for competitiveness. Value creation models, for example around additional financial KPIs and shareholder agreements, are reinvented to be part of the logic of sustainability.

This book of directions opens the way for leaders who are rushed to action in this multi-crisis world and invites them to explore new forms of prosperity through positive conversions.

Tribune Posted by Albany Leisure Belaire, KPMG France

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