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the notes of the defeat against Quevilly (2-0)

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This Friday, En Avant Guingamp hosted Quevilly on the 17th day of Ligue 2. Harmless, the Bretons lost quite logically (2-0) against the Normans. Here are the notes from the meeting.

Forward Guingamp: 3

It only took a victory obtained in the snatch a few days ago in Nîmes (2-1) for the Costarmoricains not to fall back into their traps. While the pace was very weak on both sides at the start of the match, the visitors gradually took the lead in the duels. And on one of their first opportunities, they took advantage of a loss of ball from Medhi Merghem to open the scoring (0-1, 31st). For their part, the Guingampais could not develop their game and very rarely found their attackers. Quevilly’s players played all the shots thoroughly.

When they returned from the locker room, they even doubled the bet in a much too passive Breton defense (0-2, 48th). Despite the gap in the score, Stéphane Dumont’s men did not really show any reaction until Jules Gaudin and Hugo Picard came into play. But the new intentions were not enough since the locals constantly lacked precision in the penultimate gesture to hope to get chances. En Avant Guingamp finally fell (2-0) after delivering another disappointing performance, as often since the start of the season.

Enzo Basilio: 3

The doorman from Guingamp has rarely been called upon by the Norman strikes. Yet he still conceded two goals which he couldn’t do much about. His last clean sheet unfortunately dates back to early October.

Stephen Quemper: 4

The former Bastiais projected himself a lot on his left side to provide help to his partners who lacked creativity. However, he lacked precision in his crosses and passes as he approached the opposing surface. Sometimes caught up in one-on-one, he signed a rather disappointing performance before being replaced by Jules Gaudin (63rd) who brought a breath of fresh air.

Baptist Roux: 5

As against Nîmes, the central defender showed solidity and serenity. Incisive in his interventions, he rarely made mistakes. Comfortable with the restart, he did not hesitate to extend the game when his team needed it.

Donatien Gomis: 3

Often overtaken by his opponents, the number 7 of En Avant Guingamp had a difficult first half. At the wrong time, he made interventions that were not always very reassuring. In the second act, he seemed to raise his level of play by making his imposing physique do the talking.

Vincent Manceau: 2

As we know, the right defender no longer has his twenty-year-old legs, far from it. Offensively, his contribution is almost nil and defensively, he does not exude great confidence. Easily eliminated on the second goal, Vincent Manceau therefore delivered a pale copy before being replaced at the end of the match by Matthis Riou (81st).

Tristan Muyumba: 3

Once again placed on the Costa Rican left flank, the midfielder was rarely successful in his passing and dribbling choices. He also struggled physically in the second act, the fault in particular of his rather hazardous placement which forced him to multiply his efforts.

Dylan Louiserre: 5

He was surely one of the best Bretons on the pitch against Quevilly. Placed as a sentry, he took responsibility for organizing the game by alternating low passes and sharp openings. A very serious match on his part.

Medhi Mergem: 4

For his return to competition, Medhi Merghem signed a good performance if we do not take into account his fatal error on the visitors’ first goal. Technically very clean, he brought a touch of madness to the Costa Rican midfield before being replaced by Hugo Picard (63rd). The young player from the training center made a big entrance.

Warren Tchimbembe: 2

The former Messin did not show off much. Forced to transplant in the axis to touch the ball, he brought nothing to the game of his team which explains his replacement at the break by Amine El Ouazzani (45th). The winter rookie showed envy.

Jeremy Livolant: 3

The captain of En Avant Guingamp has still not found his dynamic support which hurt the opposing players so much at the start of the season. Rarely touched by his partners, he never seemed able to reverse the trend. He also missed a face-to-face with the Norman porter.

Gaetan Courtet: 3

The top scorer in Ligue 2 in activity had a difficult evening. Generous, he ran to press on the opposing defense without succeeding in recovering the ball. Very rarely found in a striking position, he gave way to Baptiste Guillaume (63rd).

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