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Trump asks “what happened to global warming” after deadly bison storm

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Former President Donald Trump took to the social media platform Truth Social on Thursday to ask, “What happened to global warming?” In the aftermath of a devastating winter storm that killed 37 people in western New York.

Mr. Trump, who is running for president again, has a longstanding disapproval of the science of climate change and misinformation about the danger it poses. His administration has ignored environmental protection, preferring the concerns of oil and gas companies.

The former president was expected to come under fire for his handling of the storm, which dumped snow in the Buffalo area and affected travel across the country over the Christmas period.

Journalist Arun Ropar joked, “Checkmate, libs.”

This isn’t the first time Mr. Trump has done this, I’m suggesting this isolated cold weather is proof that climate change isn’t really happening.

Trump’s third campaign for the presidency is off to a slow start, with the former president making relatively few campaign appearances amid a number of legal difficulties stemming from his behavior up until January 6 of this year. The past and the day of his management of confidential documents. after leaving the presidency.

The House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 uprising released its final report last week and recommended that Mr. Trump be barred from returning to office.

This recommendation carries no legal weight, but it also underscores the extent to which the committee felt Mr. Trump was responsible for the attack on American democracy he had suffered. Some scholars have described it as a failed coup.

The committee also referred Mr. Trump to the Department of Justice on four separate criminal charges related to his conduct. The Justice Department may continue to file criminal charges against Trump and several of his advisers, though it is not yet clear when that may or may not happen.

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