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Goodbye 2022, welcome to 2023 | Forbes France shares its fashion favorites

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in retro | They are and they are, on a daily basis, the soul of Forbes France. Every day, they share articles and analysis and make you discover the companies and especially the women and men who are making the entrepreneurship of tomorrow. Today good morning, Head of Luxury – Lifestyle, he shares his favorites.

2022 It will be another very rich year in the world of luxury! We can even talk about boiling with the rapid interpenetration of technology and digital in this ecosystem, such as NFTs that are more and more fond of the beautiful tentacles. But if we have to remember an event that left a mark, and is also part of this movement, it would be the amazing performance of the Copernican house during Paris Fashion Week From September 2022! It is a moment of true grace intersecting fashion and science, brought to us by tandem Arnaud Vaillant And the Sebastian Meyer By designing a dress for the catwalk queen before our eyes, Bella Hadid.

The supermodel’s silhouette becomes a veritable blank canvas during the vivid creation of a semi-futuristic, semi-couture outfit. On contact with the skin of the star model – which remained unaffected – a liquid solution combining solvent and biopolymers applied in the form of an aerosol (an invention of Catalan designer Manel Torres), began to harden until it became a garment. In front of a completely stunned audience testifying on social networks, Bella Hadid He found himself in a real dress seven minutes later. Brand paid time period Coperni in another dimension. This remarkable moment in fashion confirmed this new trend in luxury and, at the same time, cemented Paris’ leadership as the undisputed capital of the world of fashion and luxury.

2023? General will continue this momentum. There will also be a lot of talk about collaborations between luxury giants and major brands (Maison Margiela x Reebok, Gucci x Adidas, Jacquemus x Nike…). Another trendy movement is accessing hospitality in various forms from reputable brands in search of new territories. The phenomenon of “expansion of the luxury sector” is underway with the opening of hotels (Bvlgari, Versace and soon Chopard, etc.), cafes (Armani, LV Dream, Comptoir Ritz, Restaurant Monsieur Dior, etc.), luxury today that is above all an experience, not a legal one.

Written by Sabah Kadouri Prime Luxury – Lifestyle

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