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What to remember from the positive first part of the season for Morbihanni

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While the Pro D2 clubs are currently taking advantage of a break at the end of the calendar year to recover, RC Vannes are fourth in the Championship. A chance to catch a glimpse of the satisfying start to the season for the Bretonians.

After a disappointing 2021-2022 season, RC Fanny tried to reinvent themselves last summer. Several executives packed their bags to embark on a new adventure while talented recruits arrived in Morbihan. A real crossover did not destabilize Jean-Noel Spitzer, quite the opposite. Thanks to a good preparation for the summer, the automation developed so quickly that the Vannes team was ready from the start of the season.

RC Vannes is solid at home

If Paga Tafili and co are making a satisfactory start to the season, it’s partly due to their strength at home. Spurred on by their amazing crowd, they have only lost once in seven meetings in Labin. And that enthusiasm about the Breton team could be felt even in the stands. RC Vannes currently has the best attendance in Pro D2 with an average of 8,348 spectators per game. Unfortunately, the Morbihanians still faced difficulties far from their base.

A period of stagnation with the approaching armistice

While Maxime Lavage’s teammates took a podium spot at the end of November, they suffered a complicated run of three unsuccessful matches in early December. After being forced to a draw in Montauban (12-12) before losing to Stade Montois (17-12) and then Aurelac (30-19), RC Vanes left points that could be important at the end of the season. Before the break, however, Breton managed to come back to victory over Rugby Provence (35-21), to finish this first part of the season at the foot of the podium.

Match tickets will be very expensive

Even if the gaps are currently small at the top of the table, Morbihan’s team is currently fourth in Pro D2 with eight wins within fifteen days. In addition to a satisfactory balance sheet, the Vannetais are also interesting in the game. They have regained the strength that left them last season driven to attack with a quick game. However, they could have some regrets in light of the defeats suffered by Soeux Angoul√™me (31-30) and Rouen (21-16).

You will have to keep up the pace

Thanks to a good standings at the end of the first match, RC Vannes can look for a reason why he should not hope for promotion to the Top14. The goal of Jean-Noel Spitzer and his men anyway is to secure a place in the play-offs as in 2020-2021. For this, one or two players must access Morbihan’s workforce in the coming weeks. Kevin Villard, Claremont’s scrum-half, will be on the Vannes plate shelves.

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