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the notes of the victory in Nîmes (2-1)

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For its return to competition, En Avant Guingamp returned to victory against Nîmes (2-1) on the 16th day of Ligue 2. Here are the notes of the meeting.

Forward Guingamp : 5

After a successful winter preparation resulting in three victories in as many games, the Costarmoricans managed to win a victory at the very end of the match against the Crocos (2-1). The game was undecided from the first to the last minute. While no team managed to take control, it was Stéphane Dumont’s men who opened the scoring on a penalty through Jérémy Livolant (1-0, 23rd). But moments later, they fell back into their ways, panicking defensively. Following a disputed foul on Pablo Pagis, the locals in turn benefited from a penalty converted by Malik Tchokounté (1-1, 30th).

Quite weak in the game, En Avant Guingamp encountered difficulties in creating opportunities in the opposing camp. Upon returning from the locker room, a false rhythm set in on both sides of the field while the two teams seemed to be satisfied with a draw. As the final whistle approached, the Bretons nevertheless obtained a new penalty after a hand in the box from Nicolas Benezet, the former attacking midfielder from Guingamp. Full of composure, Gaëtan Courtet then set off to deceive the Occitan goalkeeper and offer victory to his team in extremis (2-1, 90+2). It took a long time, but this is therefore the first success for Vincent Manceau and his partners since September 17th.

Enzo Basilio : 6

The Guingamp goalkeeper was serious about his first interventions and aerial outings. Beaten on the penalty, he could not do much before making a decisive exit in stride against the same Malik Tchokounté. Rarely involved in the second act, he signed a satisfactory performance as often.

Stephen Quemper : 4

Regularly overtaken by his opponents on the left side, Stephen Quemper quickly fished physically. During his rare climbs, he showed technical clumsiness by missing many crosses and he therefore showed annoyance. After a fantastic breakthrough, the Breton did not come far from offering victory to his team, but his shot from the outside of the foot was repelled by the goalkeeper.

Baptist Roux : 7

True boss of the defense of En Avant Guingamp, the 23-year-old player had a very good match. Always well placed, he exuded great serenity in a team that at times lacked it. Solid in the air, he also made beautiful climbs with the balls at the foot and delivered precise crosses for his teammates. A very good performance for the native of Bressuire.

Donatien Gomis : 5

Absent from the field since August 30 following an injury, the former Concarnois had a rather interesting recovery match. From a physical point of view, he made his great power speak in the duels thus removing all the doubts which could hover around his condition. However, he made mistakes, especially in the relaunch.

Vincent Manceau : 4

The defender who was playing against Nîmes on the right side was not very reassuring behind. He missed several interventions that could have led to an opportunity for the hosts. Offensively, he never brought the surplus and too often used long balls towards his attackers.

Tristan Muyumba : 3

Replaced in the position of left midfielder, he did not sign his greatest performance of the season. Too nice in the midfield, he lost a significant number of duels. Author of a fault in the area, he also offered the penalty for the equalizer to the Gardois. In the opposing half, the number 6 has too often wanted to make a difference alone, unfortunately without success.

Dylan Louiserre : 4

Apart from a long shot from a free kick at the start of the second half, the Guingampais rarely showed off. Often a time behind in his placement, he left a lot of room in the middle for his opponents who took advantage of it to quickly get the ball back.

Maxime Barthelme : 5

The playmaker replaced Medhi Merghem in the starting XI at the last moment. Quite shy, he attempted a few crosses and long shots which did not endanger the opposing team. In the second period, he tried to settle the situation with good ball runs before being replaced by Souleymane Diarra (80th).

Warren Tchimbembe : 3

Yet able to bring so much offensively, Warren Tchimbembé was invisible for a large part of the meeting. Despite good catches in the second act, he did not really weigh on the right side. Hugo Picard, who came into play in his place (67th) provoked a lot alone, maybe even too much.

Baptist William : 6

Even if he did not score and did not benefit from an opportunity to put in his mouth, the Belgian showed great determination in the pressing. Quite good at ball retention, he allowed his team to come up the block when they needed it. Author of a good match in his register, he was replaced by Gaëtan Courtet (72nd) who offered victory to his team on penalty at the end of the suspense.

Jeremy Livolant : 7

After more than three months without scoring, the captain of En Avant Guingamp has finally found the net. Stirring, the striker obtained a penalty after scratching a ball in the area. He transformed it by perfectly crossing his ball when the goalkeeper had chosen the right side. Present in the rare opportunities of his team, he was finally replaced by Amine El Ouazzani at the end of the match (80th). The winter rookie showed a lot of desire, which bodes well for the rest of the season.

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