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Generation Z: a ​​crucial and promising case for companies

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In the context of difficult recruitment and deep questioning of our relationship to work, the young generation or Generation Z. Which will account for 30% of the active force in 2030 Too much ink leaked. Sometimes he is accused of some indolence, sometimes he is praised, and it is sometimes difficult to navigate through all these differences of opinion. But instead of fueling a certain generational divide, couldn’t we take the opportunity to understand what drives our society today in order to reinvent the business world?

A generation characterized by new features

When we talk about Generation Z, we often know that it’s the population born between 1997 and 2012. But we don’t know as much that it’s the most diverse generation in history. Made up of people often mixing many roots – 50% of this generation are descended from minorities – both men and women… His wealth is unparalleled. With the social, health and climate crises it has gone through, it has developed its own values.

The first, authenticity, reveals his need for transparency and promises kept. The second, sustainability, reflects its activism and responsibility towards the environment in the grip of an uncertain future. The third, diversity, recalls the issues of inclusivity that you advocate tooth and nail. She already has an awareness and tolerance for the other which thus far has been very unequal. Her values ​​go hand in hand with her ability to reject the very stressful situations that older people have often endured and witnessed. She no longer accepts it and dares to say it. Besides, she uses the internet a lot, partially to express herself but also to form her own opinion. Let’s not forget that she was born in a world where digital technology has already taken a prominent place in homes and that she has mastered the workings of the Web perfectly.

Opportunity to change business

Aligning with the expectations of the younger generation has become critical for businesses. Unlike her parents who aimed for stability above all else, she is very mobile and can turn down a high salary if she finds neither the values ​​nor the comfort she aspires to. Moreover, more than half of Gen Z youth, who are currently employed, say they are dissatisfied with their job and work-life balance. The proof of this is that turnover has never been so strong and costly for companies. So those have to assert their strength from the start, especially since Gen’Z is very suspicious or even suspicious. Prefer to go to Republika Srpska which leaves more room for criticism and freedom of expression, including job search: 79% of candidates under the age of 35 use social networks for this purpose.[1] Therefore, companies are interested in exploiting this transmission channel, betting more and more on video, while following a clear line of communication, in line with their commitments to create a relationship of trust. It is important that they impart a healthy corporate culture that will enhance the employer’s brand because they are valued and even ranked on sites such as glass door, even before sending requests. Luxury is examined in action as an embodiment of values.

If they want to attract young talent, companies need to be compatible with the new ways of working (hybrid, flex office, 4 days a week, in-house entrepreneurship), companies like M&M Amazon or levi. Management style also comes into play. Coming out of the hierarchical scheme, the younger generation is looking more for the middle-of-the-road cooperative management with training. The recruitment process is not immune from this. That is why it is necessary to prefer a simple and fast road, especially in this period of crisis.

To succeed in surviving 2023 and the following years, companies must address their current operating style, and the way they already interact with their employees in order to successfully recruit and retain new talent. This translates into reorganizing missions and supporting older generations. It is no longer about personalizing a workspace but rather a welcoming space.

[1] Source: Barclay Study.

Tribune by Alexandre Genon, Founder of Jobamax

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