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The Finisterreen snatch victory in Montpellier (4-3) and continue their good run

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On Thursday, Albatros Brest traveled to Montpellier on the 13th day of Division 1. While the two teams were sparkling at the start of the final third, Breton managed to make the difference (4-3) to seal the win. Fourth success in a row.

His momentum stalled last week after a crack in the ice in front of Morzine, the Albatross from Brest took on the Montpellier Vipers with the aim of continuing their impressive run of success. For their part, Herulty had a disappointing start to the season with four wins in 12 matches and wanted at any cost to revive themselves by seeking points against the defending champions. And if they were sometimes abused, the Bretonians nevertheless managed to do the main thing by achieving victory.

Balanced game

Even if it was the Occitans who opened the scoring through Vince Tartary (0-1, 9th), the Albatross of Brest responded within two minutes to first equalize (1-1, 13th) and then take the lead (2-1, 15th). . Jerry Blazek then doubled down on display in front of his cages to allow his team to maintain a goal lead at the end of the first half. But after about thirty seconds of play in the second half, the locals equalized after a well-negotiated chance (2-2, 21st). The duel between the two teams was perfectly balanced and no one could separate.

The albatross won in Brest At the end of the game

At the start of the last twenty minutes of the match, the score was still tied while the tension built (2-2, 40). Then Graham Avenel contemplated definitively restoring the advantage for his team (3-2, 41) before the Venistians edged out a move and joined it again (3-3, 41). Unexpectedly, the outcome of the match finally turned in favor of Pavol Mihalik’s men. The inevitable Mathieu Tremblay, regularly decisive since the start of the season, scored the winning goal (4-3, 49th).

Nice series for Bretonians

Thanks to this success against Montpellier (4-3), the fourth in a row, Brest has regained the top of the table and now ranks sixth in Division 1. Who could have believed in such a resurgence in form when the Albatross were still pointing to 12th place before more than A little over a month. One thing is for sure, Nicolas Favarin and company will look to ride on this very good dynamic against Marseille (7th) on December 28th.

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