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A few exceptional bottles to display or roast at the end of the year!

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TCHIN-TCHIN | They will invite vodka, whiskey or aged rum to your table to end your Christmas evening in style! Here are some of the bottles chosen by the Luxe magazine editorial staff. the health !

See red come to life with Cîroc Pomegranate Vodka

Vodka Cîroc Pomegranate Limited Edition – © Cîroc

A very limited edition of this new iconic vodka in a sober bottle in matte red, which elegantly celebrates the delicate alliance based on French grapes associated with the pomegranate that gives it a creamy flavour.

Price: 4970 cl

Truffles and vodka by Petrosyan

Black truffle vodka – © Petrosian

French vodka, authentic and delicious wheat extract and slow steeped 5% Tuber melanosporum black truffle, 100% natural and artisanal.

An excellent longevity in the mouth with woody and floral flavors and a beautiful amber colour.

A bold combination to enjoy with smoked salmon or foie gras!

Price: 75 70 cl

Limited edition Gin Bombay Sapphire


Marking the end of the year, the iconic blue bottle brand presents its new limited edition, Creative Wall, designed and produced by 3 emerging artists and the general public.

Selected for their special touch and distilled in a unique way, 10 precious botanicals harmoniously combine to give this premium, environmentally responsible gin its notes of freshness, cleanliness and vitality.


Price: 21.50 euros

With Cobalt Vodka, sugar doesn’t matter!

Local vodka from Aÿ-Champagne – © Cobalte

Bottle with a cobalt blue font in honor of the kings of France, contemporary and refined.

Aromas of ripe, intoxicating citrus on the nose, and a supple, silky, enveloping texture on the palate.

A touch of licorice enters the tasting game with complex aromatic depth.

Price: 48 70 cl

Gwalarn, the world’s first premium Celtic blend.

Gwalarn Celtic whiskey blend – © Gwalarn

Literally meaning “North West Wind,” here you’ll have all the elegance and rigor of a prestigious single malt. The flavor is unique due to the complexity of Scotch whiskey being linked to the character of Germanic whiskey and the versatility of French single malts.

This blend is bold and unrestrained and develops on the palate notes of vanilla, candied fruit and honey, giving it softness, not to mention notes of gingerbread and salt.

It is one of the Celtic Whiskey Distillery’s exceptional whiskeys.

Price: 29.90 euros

tri-millicium rivers 3

Triple Vintage – © Three Rivers

A triple vintage, this rum staple for its versatility and complexity has become a reference in the rum world.

Daniel Bowden, Cellar Master, collected 3 grape varieties (2005, 2011, 2001), 100% pure cane with aromatic and woody notes. Its delicacy makes it the perfect companion for festive evenings.

Strong and with a pleasant length in the mouth, its gingerbread notes delicately fragrance the palate.

It is also perfect to accompany dishes prepared for end-of-year celebrations!

Price: 61 euros

Vodka in precious lapis lazuli!

Le Philtre Vodka Lapis Lazuli – © Le Philtre Vodka

Signed by Frédéric Beigbeder, Philtre Vodka Lapis-Lazuli has been added to the collection of signed vodka bottles of Turquoise, Saphir, Emeraude, Jade, Topaz and Aquamarine, in a limited edition.

This electric blue bottle is responsible for the environment because it is made only from recycled glass.

This year, Christmas will be celebrated with a dark and intense blue, which also evokes the favorite color of painter Yves Klein.

You need a semi-precious stone on the table to celebrate December 24-25 with dignity!

Price: 49 euros – 70 ml

Beware of alcohol abuse, Consume conservatively

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