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Dangerous road conditions forecast with a major winter storm in Quebec

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With the moving winter storm looming in Quebec City, people should consider postponing non-essential travel until conditions improve. But that’s no small feat when the storm coincides with a weekend, when millions of people set off on expeditions to their destination. The rapid buildup of snow will make getting around difficult, so plan accordingly and go earlier than expected or wait until the storm has subsided. h

Threats include heavy snow, rain, storms, and possibly damaging winds, as well as the threat of flash frosts and bleaching. Plan your vacation trip accordingly.

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The onset of rain from Thursday night to Friday

There are winter storm warnings and watches, as well as weather data for the entirety of Quebec.

The storm will move east through central Canada and reach Quebec on Thursday. Snow will begin to spread across southern Quebec late Thursday through Friday.

“As the system advances north and east, a trickle of warm air will head east and along the St. Lawrence River, causing a mixture of snow and rain during the day,” said Kelly Sonnenberg, a meteorologist with The Weather. network. . “Temperatures are expected to reach medium to high numbers.”

The wind speed increases during the day, reaching 70-90 km / h.

“As the cold front sweeps through late in the day, temperatures will drop rapidly, causing all wet surfaces to freeze or freeze. The chances of a quick freeze on roads and communities in southern parts of the province are likely late Friday night.” Sonnenberg.

Significant snowfall is expected through Friday for Laurentians and communities along the St. Lawrence River, including Montreal. Possible effects of Friday include power outages and dangerous driving conditions.

Residents are being reminded to pack emergency kits in their car if travel cannot be avoided at all.


Strong winds and snow on Saturday (Christmas Eve)

Although snowfall is low, weather threats will make travel difficult on Saturday as it will be windy until Christmas Eve and widespread snowfall will continue. with snow falling White breakdowns will always be possible.

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Saturday temperatures are expected to be cooler with minus one digits for daytime highs.

Cold temperatures continue, but light snow for Sunday (Christmas)

Snow and sleet will continue to fall across the county on Christmas Day, but the snowfall will be fairly light. Temperatures will remain very cold and settle at lows in the double digits across the northern half of the province from Sunday through early next week.

Please note: For “White Christmas”, specific criteria must be met.

Check back for the latest news about forecasts across Quebec.

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