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Lise Malbernard gives meaning to Publicis Sapient in France

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Created over 30 years ago, Publicis Sapient is a leader in the digital space. It is now the center of new technologies for the Publicis Group and one of the world leaders in corporate digital transformation. We build innovative technology platforms for relationships and transactions. Two years ago, Lise Malbernard became President of Publicis Sapient France. She tells us about her career, values ​​and various projects within the group.

What was your background before you came to Publicis Spent?

After studying at HEC, I did several internships, including one at Accenture. I stayed there for 16 years. This amazing experience has led me to lead teams in many sectors, including the food industry. In 2020, I joined the Publicis Group as President of Publicis Sapient France. It was a great opportunity to work for a company where creativity and people are at the heart of the model. Indeed, the digital, environmental and societal transformations we are facing are so unprecedented that they require a complete paradigm shift and radically new solutions. You have to break away from what has been suggested for years and constantly innovate. What could be better than a group that is recognized worldwide for its creative power to do just that!

What are your different tasks at Publicis Spent?

My main task is to define and implement the Publicis Sapient Strategy for France, which is organized around business sectors undergoing profound transformation. I attach great importance to people. Therefore, I devote a lot of time to growing our teams with very different profiles: strategy, product, expertise, engineering, and data. Also being a member of Publicis France Comex, I contribute to connecting our technological expertise to the rest of the group.

Since your arrival, what innovative projects have you led?

We support large groups as they adapt to the digital world. We are also very keen to put our skills at the service of projects that are moving in the direction of environmental and social transformation. Digital responsibility is a topic very close to my heart, as it is part of the solutions to climate challenges. 82% of CEOs are convinced that new technologies are key to achieving their carbon-neutral goals. We aim to train all of our teams to do their jobs more responsibly by the end of 2022.

What do you think are the new challenges that need to be faced in the coming years?

We are in the midst of a double transformation: digital and environmental. We must find both levers to respond to current challenges while radically transforming the systems we have put in place. Everything we do should gradually tend to be a response to this shift, which the World Economic Forum we’re participating in on this topic has called a “double transition.”

Practical information:

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