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Donald Trump Jr And MTG Under Fire For ‘Dumbest Statement Ever’ About Zelensky’s US Visit

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Donald Trump Jr. and Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene have come under fire for making the “stupidest statements ever” about Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s surprise trip to the US.

The Ukrainian leader is currently on his way to Washington, D.C., where he will meet President Joe Biden and deliver a personal speech to Congress.

The huge meeting, which was kept secret until Tuesday night, marks Zelensky’s first trip outside Ukraine since Russia declared war on the country 300 days ago.

While Mr. Biden tweeted that he was “thrilled” to welcome Mr. Zelensky to the United States, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said America was “appalled by the heroism of the people of Ukraine,” some MAGA Republicans were not pleased with the visit. .

Trump Jr. took to Twitter to complain about Republican support for Ukraine’s defense efforts and Mr. Zelensky, whom he called the “Queen of International Welfare.”

“Mitch McConnell actually said yesterday that Republicans’ number one priority is… Ukraine,” he wrote.

“I have yet to meet a single Republican who thinks so, but I do think that the disconnect between real Republicans and DC swamp rats should come as no surprise to anyone.”

In a follow-up tweet, Mr Trump Jr. — whose father did not contribute to the US economy in the form of federal income tax in 2020 — added: “Zelensky is basically a good queen — to be internationally ungrateful.

Her criticism was echoed by right-wing conspiracy theorist Ms Green, who published an eight-part rant about US support for Ukraine.

In her scathing messages, the Republican MP MAGA hastened to send money to Ukraine and eerily referred to the so-called “king”.

Mitch McConnell is helping pass nearly $2 trillion Onnimonster so he can deliver a $47 billion check to Zelenskyy when he appears in D.C. today.

“But in my area, many families and seniors cannot feed themselves, and many businesses are struggling with Biden’s policies,” she wrote.

Ms. Green continued to claim that she was speaking on behalf of the American people – something many Americans were quick to contradict.

And the deputy wrote on Twitter: “All the separated and completely unaware heads of government and the protected media live in a bubble and only talk to each other.”

“They are so naive and ignorant that they think my views are extreme but they are completely blind and stupid that what I say is exactly how Americans feel.”

His lengthy letter came hours after Zelensky – who rejected bailout offers from Ukraine at the start of the war in order to survive and lead efforts to defend his country – was described as a “shadow president”.

Of course, the shadow president must come to Congress and explain why he needs billions of dollars from American taxpayers for the 51st state, Ukraine. This is ridiculous. Put America first!!! she tweeted.

Many social media users criticized the couple for their comments, citing their perceived hypocrisy.

One Twitter user mocked Mr Trump Jr for making the “stupidest remark ever” by calling him a “daddy’s boy”.

“Dad boy who met a foreign adversary who was trying to sabotage the US election, dares to denigrate the true hero fighting Putin and defending his nation in the face of a genocidal war? This is perhaps Junior’s stupidest remark. It’s a huge achievement,” they said.

Another person said: “Look pale at this ‘queen’ and learn some lessons about courage and decency and what it means to be an adult.”

Others pointed to the irony of his comments, which came hours after a report was released revealing how little taxes his father paid while serving in the White House.

“Your dad doesn’t pay his taxes. Sit down, mate,” the Lincoln Project tweeted to Mr. Trump Jr.

Ms Green – who faced more derision this week for her past promotion of an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory – has faced a backlash from Americans who demanded she stop pretending to speak for them.

“No, no, you don’t say how ‘we’ Americans feel. We really can’t stand you. I’m not trying to be mean, but everyone I know laughs even when your name is mentioned. Don’t speak for us.” One person tweeted, “You can hardly Speak for yourself.”

Others sought to teach Ms. Green that supporting Ukraine could be in the United States’ interests, with some calling her “selfish”.

By helping Ukrainians, we are putting America first. Go to war there or we have to fight the Russians in Europe except for it to be Taylor Swift on the USO platform, not Glenn Miller.”

Another person tweeted: “When I was growing up I always learned to put others before myself. I learned not to be selfish. You Republicans don’t think of others. You only think of yourself. Why don’t you just say it how you mean it?”

The noise from right-wing figures comes ahead of Zelensky’s arrival in Washington, D.C., for a visit he says will boost Ukraine’s “resilience and defense capabilities” in the face of a Russian offensive.

Mr. Zelensky will be greeted by Mr. Biden as he descends into the White House before the two leaders sit down for a two-hour meeting.

Next, Zelensky and Biden will hold a joint press conference where they are expected to announce the US’s commitment to sending an additional $2 billion in security assistance to Ukraine, including the supply of the Patriot missile defense system.

On Wednesday evening, the Ukrainian president will then deliver a joint address to Congress after accepting an invitation from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

As a token of gratitude for American aid during the war, Mr. Zelensky is expected to present Mr. Biden and Congress with a Ukrainian flag signed by Ukrainian soldiers.

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