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Pajad will play under Lan Pehui at the end of the 2022 World Cup

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Brittany will be well and truly represented during the World Cup Final. At the end of the match, the Bagad of Lann Bihoué will play loudly and lick some regional notes.

As we know, the Bretons are everywhere. Along the roads in the Tour de France, at Formula 1 circuits on the other side of the world, but also at any football match, it is common to see Gwenn ha du float proudly. But this Sunday, it won’t be the only flags to be seen in the stands, as Bagad of Lann Bihoué has been invited to play at the end of the World Cup in Qatar.

The Bajad Lan Pehoe and Brittany bag took the spotlight

The news was reported to the musicians only on Thursday. Barely time to pack up than they travel to Lusail, a town about twenty kilometers from Doha, where the long-awaited final between France and Argentina will take place. Even if the orchestra still doesn’t know the program, one thing is for sure, the Marseillaise won’t play.

Instead, the notes of Breton music should sound in the stadium at the end of the match, when the competition is over. An extraordinary vision of Brittany, but also of Bagad-lan-Bihoe, who had already come to prominence during the opening of the July 14 parade on the Champs-Elysées or during the Interceltic Festival.

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