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URB beats AS Loon Plage (87-79) in the clash of the summit

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Leading throughout the meeting, UEFA beat AS Loon Plage (87-79) in the match at the top of the 16th day of the NM1. Untenable, Leo Bernd finished as the game’s leading scorer with 28 points.

The NM1 leaders challenged each other on Friday night to a shocker at the top. URB and Loon-Plage initially had the same record with 12 wins against 3 losses. In Colette-Besson’s room, well-appointed for the occasion, the atmosphere of splendid evenings reigned. The northerners maintained 7 consecutive victories and the Bretonians wanted to recover after a week of defeat in Tarbes (87-77). So the winner of the evening had the opportunity to take the lead in the tournament on his own.

Léo Behrend was on fire, and URB took the lead at halftime

At the end of the year at home, maybe Ren wanted to do well and it showed. Thanks to a shameless headline, Leo Bernd and Ibrahima Sidibe put URB on the right track. After the first fumble behind the arc, Léo Behrend tied 4 straight 3-point baskets allowing his team to drive at the end of the first quarter (22-18). Early in the second half, Sebastien Cape’s teammates consolidated their control by 18 points. That’s when Ren released the pressure, and Loon-Plage scored 3 long-range shots to go back to seven units before the break (40-33).

The Ren were afraid, but forced themselves

Upon returning from the locker room, the locals resumed their forward march, once again through Léo Behrend in a state of grace. At the start of the last quarter, Rennes had a nine-point lead (55-46). While the Northerners seemed inevitably back, Sebastian Cape allowed the Rural League to breathe some fresh air. First, thanks to a four-point action, then an interception followed by a two-point basket. If Loon-Plage approached throughout the end of the match, counting at one point just five units behind, Rennes was able to resist the pressure.

Although sometimes, on a string, the British who dominated from start to finish managed to win more than significant success (87-79). With this victory, Pascal Thibaud’s men are once again single-handedly on the NM1 throne. Thanks to a great performance, Leo Bernd finished the meeting as top scorer. Unplayable No. 15 Britlin scored 28 points at 8/12 for 3. On Wednesday, the Breton leaders will visit their neighbour, Aurore Vitré, aiming to finish the year on top.

Article by Laurent Lemoine

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