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Low electricity consumption is close to -10% according to RTE | Inditex (Zara) achieves higher net profit

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newsletter ➡ According to RTE, the decrease in electricity consumption is close to -10%. | Electricity consumption continues to decrease Francewith 9.7% decrease last week compared to the average of previous years (2014-2019 excluding the health crisis) in the same week, according to the latest data from the Director TEN Network Tuesday evening. This figure was given after adjusting for the calendar and meteorological influences: the depreciation is thus what would have occurred if the temperatures had been in line with normal temperatures for the period.

Over the past four weeks, the decline is 9.0%. “Compared to the previous update, the downward effect is amplified,” he asserts French High Voltage Line Managerwhich publishes its data weekly. ” Decrease in consumption concerns All sectors: industrial, tertiary and residential“, Identifies.

Mayor Bruno

The government has called for sobriety this winter Against the background of supply difficulties associated in particular with corrosion problems in part of the French nuclear fleet. However, despite the cold snap in the northern half of France, RTE did not issue an alert on Wednesday morning for the next few days. ” We’re refurbishing the nuclear reactors where I’m talking to you there’s 41 reactors operational (of 56) the goal is to have 45 reactors in JanuaryThe Minister of Economy announced to CNews, Bruno the mayor. ” I believe we can achieve this goal thanks to the total commitment of the emergency department staffF”, confirmed.

the number ➡ 1.3 billion euros | Spanish clothing giant InditexTrademark owner Zarascan a New record profit to me Third quarterDespite the rise in inflation, which inflated production costs and darkened the economic outlook for the sector. It has proven to be the world leader in inexpensive clothing 1.3 billion euros net profitannounced on Wednesday.


This number increased by 6% compared to the third quarter of 2021 (1.23 billion), which was already a record. In line with the expectations of analysts surveyed by the financial information provider factsThe earnings published on Wednesday constitute a new “historic maximum” for the indicated company France Press agency Inditex spokesperson (abbreviation for Industria de diseño textil). During the first nine months of its troubled financial year, the Spanish conglomerate — ranked world number one in ready-to-wear, ahead of Japanese fast retailer Uniqlo and Sweden’s H&M — acquired 3.1 billion euros profitYou are, compared to 2.5 billion euros during the same period in 2021. Turnover reached 23 billion euros (compared to 19.3 billion in the first nine months of 2021). This figure, also a record, was achieved thanks to the dynamic of purchases “in store” but also “online”, as defined by the company. Inditex’s general manager emphasized that growth “has been strong in all geographies” where Inditex has been established, particularly in the United States where the group has significant “growth potential”, Oscar Garcia Maceraspresent these results.

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