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Apple: Will the iPhone 15 be much more expensive than the iPhone 14?

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iPhone 15 information leaks have already revealed Apple’s ambitious plans for its next generation of smartphones. However, recent leaks seem to indicate that these ambitions come with a heavy price.

In association with Howtoisolve, Twitter account leaks He has published a lot of information about the iPhone 15, including the price of this new generation of smartphones, which may shock more than one.

Last month, this account revealed that the price of the iPhone 15 Ultra, Apple’s new name for its “Pro Max” models, would increase by $100. Recently, the LeaksApplePro account claimed that the starting price of the iPhone 15 Ultra will be up to $1,299be one $200 extra Compared to iPhone 14 Pro Max.

“The iPhone will be more expensive,” says LeaksApplePro. Apple has been losing margins year after year. Rising production costs and inflation, which affects the value of Apple’s money in the bank, finally broke the camel’s back. »

LeaksApplePro also specifies that “we don’t know the condition of the other models in the range. However, with a starting price of $1,299, which can go up to $1,799 for the iPhone 15 Ultra 1TBThis may affect the rest of the range, because Apple does not like that there is a gap in terms of price between products in the same range.

In this case, the iPhone 15 Ultra would be an excellent investment. LeaksApplePro notes that this model will come with a minimum of 256GB (twice the current standard set at 128GB).

In addition, the LeaksApplePro account confirms that the new model will have two front-facing cameras, USB-C with Thunderbolt 4 (40 Gb / s) will replace the Lightning port with USB 2.0 (480 Mb / s and 0, 48 Gb / s), and that ” It will be made of titanium,” which also explains the high price.

Forbes Contact LeaksApplePro for additional information on Apple’s use of titanium in its iPhone 15 lineup. After the recent leak from ShrimpApplePro, another highly influential account, that all iPhone 15 models will contain titanium, not just the iPhone 15 Ultra, LeaksApplePro claims that this possibility is false. fatal.

“This is not true,” says LeaksApplePro, explaining that this “will only affect Ultra, maybe 15 Pro, but definitely not 15 and 15 Plus.”

Given the cost of titanium, it makes sense. Since this material is three to four times stronger than the stainless steel used in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, some would argue that using titanium would lower the price, since it would take less to make such a model, or it would be more resistant.

The problem with this argument is that titanium is currently priced at $35-$50/kg, compared to $1-1.50/kg for stainless steel. That’s a huge difference that puts titanium out of the reach of standard iPhone models.

It will be interesting to see if Apple will complicate its supply chain in three different materials (aluminum for the standard models, stainless steel for the iPhone 15 Pro and titanium for the iPhone 15 Ultra), or stick with it. The latter solution will likely include upgrading to stainless steel for the standard models, as downgrading the iPhone 15 Pro is unlikely to be an option.

According to the latest leaks from LeaksApplePro, it appears that Apple plans to use all three materials: aluminum for the two standard iPhone 15 models, stainless steel for the iPhone 15 Pro, and titanium for the iPhone 15 Ultra. However, LeaksApplePro specifies that this is the information we currently have. In fact, the iPhone 15 line is early in its development cycle, but it’s interesting to see Apple add this difficulty to its supply chain.

Separately, LeaksApplePro claims that the dual front camera will likely be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Ultra. It’s a safe bet that it’s not just a matter of cost, but also of size. The Dynamic Island It already occupies a prominent place on the 6.1-inch screen of the iPhone 14 Pro. Adding a second camera will leave almost no space for other icons, many of which (time, cellular/WiFi signal, notifications, etc.) are considered essential by users.

In contrast, the 6.5-inch iPhone 15 Ultra can accommodate the camera while maintaining the same number of icons as the iPhone 15 Pro. Whether Apple will make a larger screen to live up to the Ultra name and its larger Android rivals remains unclear.

Finally, LeaksApplePro reveals a cool piece of information: “Apple is considering only one color for the iPhone 15 Ultra, and it’s the same color as the Apple Watch Ultra. [argent]. I don’t know if this will be the only color available in September, or if there will be others, but so far none of my sources have seen a color other than the Apple Watch Ultra.”

So the iPhone 15 Ultra looks set to push iPhone prices higher than ever, but it also looks like the most interesting and ambitious smartphone Apple has launched in several years.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Gordon Kelly

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