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Back to the Breton transfer window

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At the dawn of its fourth season, Arkea Pro Cycling has reinvigorated itself in the transfer market. Between extra time, departure and arrival, a lot has happened lately. T-Sport takes inventory.

Extensions to the future and present

To kick off the transfer window, the team extended its executive directors Amandine Fouquenet and Anaïs Morichon. French Under-23 champion, first to be called champion in this training, is as able to distinguish himself in classic races as he is in stage races. The 21-year-old Vitréenne is a true asset for the future and still has plenty of room for improvement.

Anais Morechon, 23, is also an important part of the team. Very complete, Haute-Viennoise can be effective in hitting the punches, but also in the time trials and in the mountains. This versatility regularly earns him good ratings in stage races. An extension to his contract was therefore necessary for the Breton team, which is still under construction.

Arcaia Pro cyclist Marie-Morgan Le Dionnef is back for an extra season. At the age of 20, he still has a lot of room for improvement. Marianne Hinault also extended. Born in Saint-Brieuc 22 years ago, she already has very good qualities as a rider and looks set to score in the long run with the training of Emmanuel Hubert.

departing to make room

In terms of departures, three riders have left the ranks of Arkéa Pro Cycling this winter: Morgan Coston, Greta Richaud, and Pauline Allen. A very good item in stage racing, Morgane Coston has chosen to join the ranks of Cofidis for next season and it will be a big loss for the team. Good teammates Greta Riccio and Pauline Allen were not given an extension and left training to make room for new recruits.

An interesting arrival for Arkéa Pro cycling

In terms of arrivals, Breton Training has been boosted in all sectors with young talent. Maureen Traguet was the first to join the ranks. Third in Gent-Wevelgem Junior this year, the 18-year-old is one of the best French hopefuls in the classics, an area where Arcaia Pro Cycling hasn’t been very competitive. The second recruit was Lucie Liboreau, who had come to reinforce the enemy sector in order to support Marie-Morgane Le Deunff.

A few days later, Clara Edmund joined Breton’s team. A former skier and athlete, Quebec is able to shine on bumps and passes and will be able to help her teammates in stage races. Finally, the Dutchman Maaike Coljé also joins Brittany with great hill racing ambitions. You must start in the team role, but can increase in importance in the team depending on your progress.


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