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Second consecutive defeat for Morbihanni in Aurillac (30-19).

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On Friday evening, RC Fanny switched to Aurillac during the 14th day of Pro D2. Very undisciplined, Breton unfortunately suffered a second straight loss (30-19) and dropped to eighth in the championship.

Under a big wintry haze, Vannetais was quick to concede the opening goal after a loaded volley from Aurillac (7-0, 15). However, after being caught off guard, they got up and showed offensive ease and took the game on their own. Théo Bastardie has done a great job of bringing his team to the locals (7-7, 30).

After a few minutes, Jean-Noel Spitzer’s men took advantage of the numerical superiority to take the lead. Nathanaël Hulleu went on to score his sixth try of the season to give the edge to RC Vannes (10-12, 38). But very undisciplined, the Bretonians could not keep this score until the break (17-12, 40 + 3).

RC Vannes is dominated by Aurillac

On his return from the locker room, Gwenaël Duplenne received a yellow card leaving his team in a numerically inferior state. Then the Aurillacois forcibly established their control while the RC Vannes players fell further and further back. The locals also flew to the score (25-12, 58). Even if Eduardo Iachese pulled one back (27-19, 67) with a move to restore hope to Morbihanni, the Occitans finished the match perfectly without fear.

Bretons dropped to eighth in Pro D2

Baja Taveli and company finally lost with a score of 19-30. They conceded on this occasion their second successive defeat and now sit eighth in the championship. There will remain a meeting with Vannett before the armistice to try to re-integrate the top 5. For this, they will have to defeat Provence Rugby on December 16 on the side of Rabin.

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