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Spotlight: Take the time to choose from an online store!

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Lighting plays an essential role in creating atmosphere within, and needs vary depending on the room. Lumeers lighting online store allows you to take the time to make the best choice. Then it’s delivered to their customers for free and with no minimum purchase! Find our informed advice for choosing a ceiling lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp or other lighting for each room.

Well-chosen lighting not only makes it possible to see well, but also provides the desired atmosphere for the room, according to the furnishings and the uses for which it is made. The kitchen, living room, office or bedroom do not have the same lighting needs, and each room has its own style. For this reason, to make sure that the demand of all its customers is met, the Lumeers online store has also designed lamps in all styles, industrial, vintage, as well as modern, for example, and in all materials, in wood, glass, rattan … The site offers high-quality lighting for all the rooms.

Living Room: Lamps supplied with Lumeers

In a living room such as the living room, which is shared by all family members and where there are multiple uses, diversifying the light sources is essential. Every luminaire has a role to play, depending on the time of day. When we receive or when the whole family gathers, spotlights can highlight a painting or wall decoration. But the highlight of the living room is the ceiling lighting, which is often the main lighting in this living space. It can be contemporary, futuristic, or more classic, with more curved or geometric lines, rounded, square-rectangular, built-in or not. Often in metal, they are available in rattan, wood, glass, crystal, feathers, fabric, or a combination of several materials. The lighting is softer with plant fibres.

For their living room, some choose a chandelier, baroque, modern, antique, in crystal or any other material, also very impressive if desired.

Tip, to consume less, opt for a ceiling light with LED bulb lighting. The light intensity is the same as that of incandescent lamps, or even higher, and the lamp life is much longer.

To adjust the atmosphere, you can also find Lumeers models of ceiling lights that are equipped with dimmers, practical to light more or less powerfully according to the outside light.

Table lamps on each side of the sofa diffuse the main light for reading in good conditions, sufficient in the evening when watching TV. A welcome floor lamp for armchair reading. Small lamps arranged on the furniture cast small touches of light in different places of the room, adding some intimacy.

Please note that hanging above the dining table should be neither too high nor too low.

Lummers: Free Delivery, No Minimum Purchase, and 14 Day Money Back

Lumeers offers a wide range of adjustable pendant lights and other quality lighting fixtures, for the living room and dining room, but also for the kitchen, bedrooms, office and also outdoors, patio, porch or garden well.

Free delivery with no minimum purchase and every satisfied customer or refund within 14 days.

For advice, the customer service, open at all times, informs customers about the products and helps them choose the right lighting solutions.

Need inspiration for making a good choice? On its site, Lumeers provides everyone with a blog written by interior design professionals. They offer their tips and advice for a bright and stylish decoration in your home or apartment.

Kitchen, bedroom and bathroom: which lights to choose

Lumeers offers a wide range of lighting fixtures for the kitchen. In addition to hanging, it is useful to add spotlights and wall sconces in strategic places such as the sink and worktop, where it is essential to see well for cooking and chopping.

For the bedroom, Lumeers offers a range of bedside lamps for soft, relaxing lighting.

For the bathroom, in the online store we find wall lights mounted on each side of the mirror and, for an elegant touch, pendants to personalize the room.

Whether you are looking for a luminaire for a room with a modern, contemporary, minimalist, Scandinavian or industrial style, or for an outdoor look, Lumeers, the market reference in France, offers a solution for everyone and at any price!

Its selection of designer lights caters to every setting in your home or apartment. Do you want to renew? Take the opportunity to take your pick of the house in peace.

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