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parties | Ranking of the most festive cities at Christmas

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happy birthday | The end of the year celebrations are fast approaching… and with its charming markets that gather visitors to the East every year in search of magic and handcrafted products. Top 10 party cities.

Wooden chalets, Christmas music, wine, and the sale of handmade gifts create excitement in the chilly December evening pre-Christmas air. However, is it time this year for a tug-of-war between the voice of wisdom calling for energy sobriety in lighting the market and the importance of supporting regional products that respect the environment? Christmas seems to be making an exception this year once again in its ornate capitals for their – highly anticipated – year-end date.
France is also one of the European countries (3rd) with the most beautiful Christmas markets, particularly in Alsace, the region traditionally most envied for its magical illuminations. This year again, it is Strasbourg, which was voted the most festive city in France at Christmas.

Survey conducted by Holidu * based on several data: Number of hashtags instagramthe total volume of searches, the number of Christmas markets, and the average number of snowy days in December. After, after Strasbourg he is Metz Who comes second, next ParisAnd the LionsAnd the nightAnd the forgetAnd the ReimsAnd the MulhouseAnd the Amiens And the Bordeaux in the top 10.

Something that will please tourism players who want to attract visitors during the year-end holiday period with short stays but not without an economic impact on the city. According to the European Community’s tourism agency for Alsace, Alsace Destination Tourisme (ADT), 5.2 million overnight tourists were recorded in the territory between the first weekend of Adventand the end of November 2021 and December 31. The decline of 15% compared to 2019 which was due to the absence of foreign tourists – Germans, Belgians and Swiss are the three most represented nationalities – due to the pandemic will have to be made up this year.

Better 10 cities the most festive for birthday

  1. Strasbourg
  2. Metz
  3. Paris
  4. Lions
  5. night
  6. forget
  7. Reims
  8. Mulhouse
  9. Amiens
  10. Bordeaux

* holedoo, Rental booking portal

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