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trend | How Archie, apple cider vinegar, imposes itself on all tables

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tasting | Founded by Marina Lemire and Divan Ahmed, Archie offers unfiltered, unpasteurized juice vinegars, endorsed by many top chefs including David Gallian (Top Chef winner) and Anne-Sophie Beck. We also find it in the Elysee, on the presidential table. The list of apple cider vinegar benefits is long: it stops digestion problems, naturally aids in weight loss, boosts metabolism and immunity, etc. Discover with co-founder Marina Le Maire.

Introduce the company in a few words…

Marina Lumire : Archie It is the first French company specialized in the benefits of apple cider vinegar. After I discovered it to solve my health issues, I made the following observation: In France, few people know about its amazing health and beauty benefits (so far 30 scientific studies on it, huge market worldwide). Originally from Normandy, we (my best friends Divan Ahmed She embarked on an adventure and I) took it to our heads to only work with small independent producers to re-evaluate the Normandy cider industry and commit to providing the best quality apple cider vinegar (authentic, unprocessed and guarantees all the benefits of the product). Ultra-strict specifications enabled us to obtain a high-quality product that we were keen to incorporate into the daily lives of millions of customers.

How did Archie find his place?

ML : Archie It quickly found its place because we bet, before launching our innovative products, to focus on one product and dedicate the first months of our existence to making informational content about apple cider vinegar and its use. If at first we seduced customers who knew little about the benefits of the product and struggled to find a French offering, we quickly reached a growing number of customers who simply want to do good naturally. Then, we’ve been lauded by the big names in the “wellness” world (influencers, press, etc.) along with those who are highly gastronomic.

Great English-speaking stars like Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow or Liam Gallagher praise her.

We also paid special attention to the aesthetics of our products. We are convinced that for a natural product to be embraced as it is, it must be pleasing to all the senses and visual appeal is often overlooked in the field of health food. It gives us great pride that today our customers say they consume less apple cider vinegar than Archie.

I also think post-Covid we’ve all realized that everything we absorb can have an enormous impact on our overall health, and Archie’s success may also depend on timely reaching a market that was ready to welcome him.

Finally, is vinegar in vogue?

ML. : Certainly, for decades. The great English-speaking stars – who FifthIVictoria Beckham to me Ghouinith baltrow passing by Liam Gallagher – We have defended it for a long time, but in France we have had to redouble our efforts to make thousands of French people want to incorporate it into their daily well-being routine and overcome all preconceived notions about its taste and aroma that exist (if only linguistically there is nothing very exciting: sour wine ). So they are fashionable, yes, today, but only on condition that they are of the best possible quality to ensure that they are a real “game-changer” for everyday life.

Is it innovation in the end with natural products?

ML : That’s exactly right. Archie’s purpose: To inspire everyone to incorporate apple cider vinegar into their wellness routine. From an old, outdated treat with an unattractive reputation, we’ve adapted it to the expectations of our lifestyles today. Innovation is in Archie’s DNA ensuring our customers get the most out of this great product.

What are the short term goals?

ML : In the short term, we want to expand our range to reach new consumers and make its amazing properties more popular, both in terms of health / well-being and its cosmetic capabilities.

What is your business model?

ML Our sales are mainly based on our website. At the same time, we are developing more and more in B2B, in health/beauty niche brands. We have just finished raising funds for the first time, which will allow us to accelerate our development, release our next products, and prepare for export.

We are a highly committed company: our daily challenge is to connect our speed of growth to the positive social, environmental and societal impact of the orchards to our end products.

How far are you willing to take Archie?

ML : until the end of the world! We want Archie to be the global reference for apple cider vinegar health. In barely two years we have managed to achieve a real interruption of use in France and we have all the green indicators that allow us to continue to see our ambitions and innovative projects bigger than ever!

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