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Rodolphe de Leos, Managing Director of Maison La Cornue: The development of the French art of living around the world

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Created in 1908 by Albert Dupuy, the forerunner of French chefs, La Cornue conveys through his values ​​and exceptional knowledge: pleasure, refinement, conviviality, and the unique art of living, the French art of living.

For more than a century, from generation to generation, La Cornu She shares the sacred fire that makes prestige for all of her cooks. Find out how His companionsthe choice of materials, the beauty of every detail, the performance of the techniques, the continuous improvement, the quality of the work and the desire for excellence are the driving forces that drive the La Cornue teams and that lead them every day to manufacture by artisans in France, in Saint – Ouen l’Aumône, exceptional and tailored products Especially for your culinary dreams 2021And the The to reply realized Sales volume of 26 million euroswhose 88% is done in international. The main aspiration of the house is Develop your vision of the French art de vivre across the world. Slots are planned in Australia during the year. Member of Living Heritage CompaniesLa Cornue never ceases to excel in order to offer its customers high-performance cooking technologies for the pleasure of gourmets, gourmets, and culinary artists. » It has been quite a few years since the company joined these two associations which are a true recognition of French know-how and ethics. It was entirely legitimate for Maison La Cornue to join these two associations, which are primarily a confession, but also a network.Announces Rudolph LeosManaging Director of Maison La Cornue.

Rudolph de Leos

exit from ESCP Based on INSEADAnd the Rudolph de Leoswas recently Deputy General Manager of the House M. Chapotier After an international career focused primarily on wines and spirits. He was appointed director General house last December. La Cornue is a gem of luxury, it’s the know-how and know-how of French living. This is the realm of luxury or even ultra-luxury. These are the same universes and the same clients we meet in fine wines and spirits. They are also the same operation mechanisms. We find all these elements at La Cornue. Piano-making houses of this standard, with such detail, are found only in La Cornue. It is a house that has a very special DNA, which can be found especially in the most beautiful luxury brands such as LVMH or keyringhe explains. La Cornue is an artisan home. Everyone who visits the workshop knows this. Customers are very nice and love pretty things. It is a balance of aesthetics and a cheerful vibe that is all about the art of gastronomy. La Cornue is also a very authentic house. We have beautiful products, product functionality design and above all, there is no obsolescence at La Cornue“, Announces Rudolph de Leos.The core of our business is really the cooking ranges. you can customize them, customize as you like. We offer the second line which is the furniture to match our pianos. Customers redesign their kitchen according to the piano and want to have furniture that matches the image of the piano. We also have a range of furniture made products which are also popular with our customers. Finally, we have a range of knives, cleavers, and chopping blocks that we recently launched. This is a new line that we will be completing in the coming months and which ones Come As an addition to our core businessHe continued.


Castle furnace

Shape inspired by the Paris metro. When Welcome to Fulgence The first line of the Paris Metro opened in 1900, and he never imagined it would inspire him eight years later Albert Dupuy In the design of the first vault oven, which is the centerpiece of La Cornu stoves. Patented in 1908And the Gas oven Its shape is traced back to the vaulted tunnels Paris metro. Its unique shape, which allows air to circulate naturally and evenly around the dishes, provides a quick crust that, like a protective wrap, preserves the softness of the pulp and the density of the juices. the new ones G4 vaulted ovensan exclusive technology, patented in 2014. The result of four years of research and development, the RCC Disk (radiation, convection and conduction), now equips all gas burners for more even and delicious cooking. In fact, the combination of a round burner and an enameled cast-iron disc makes it possible to combine in one oven all possible cooking methods: radiation (when the heat is reflected off the inner walls), convection (thanks to the homogeneous circulation of air around the dish) and conduction (by by boiling directly on the disc). The new electric oven G4 It has also been the subject of many improvements, providing a choice between several cooking modes that will bring all your baking desires to life. The result is a faster rise in temperature and even improved cooking performance to open the doors to unlimited, delicious cooking.

CHÂTEAU, the flagship of Maison La Cornue


The result of more than 100 years of research and development, every “castle” piano Completely handmade and ordered in France at La Cornue production workshops in the Paris region. The knowledge and know-how of the comrades is passed down from generation to generation to deliver performance and culinary elegance. Choice of colors, finishes, and table configuration (from gas to induction to boiling plate or teppanyaki), a minimum of 800 possibilities We present to you the design of your “custom-made” cooker. The main piece in the house is the cooking range. Today, our main market includes Canada and the United States. For this market, the most common piano models are those with a width of 150 cm. It is the typical profile of the piano chosen by the American customer. Then, there are other states, where real estate restrictions are not the same. For example in Australia where homes are larger, the trend is also large kitchen pianos with pianos that are 180cm wide for example, “ Rudolph de Leos.

The upper castle has two style icons

The upper castle

For this exclusive line, La Cornue offer Canadian designer To reinterpret the iconic house piano: Model fort. The result – an inspirational piano art decoPrecious, intense, the fruits of many hours of material selection, work and alterations, to give life to this evolving, utterly unique vision. ” It was my intention to honor Maison La Cornue’s centuries-old heritage while creating a line that is timeless and ultra-contemporary for today’s gourmets. The result was exquisite, making the piano a home masterpiece and a kitchen gem. he explains Ferris Ravoli.

Castle_Supreme_RGB. jpg

La Cornue is a company that has been internationalized for decades. Today, Maison La Cornue has set itself the goal of continuing its internationalization: » It is a real challenge to follow the development of the company. We continue to develop our presence in key markets. There are other markets Emerging Which appears as the Middle East, the Great East, and everything about China and South Asia. southeast Who cares?Addresses the general manager.Transitioning to electric is also part of the home’s challenges. Due to the current events, one of our challenges is to find a power source for all the products. Finally, in 2023, we will develop and open showrooms. This allows us to show our expertise, our customers come to touch our products that are really different from what we find on the market. In a few months we will open a Showroom in Chicago, we produce great pianos to display and make available to our distributor there“, Concludes.

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