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DIOTIME TRAINING, Professional Training Specialist

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Since its inception in 2017, DIOTIME COACHING has supported businessess on the various individual or collective professional problems they may encounter. The primary objective is to come up with concrete, relevant and effective solutions in order to respond to the continuous changes in the world of work and adapt to future challenges.

After twenty years working in the field of human resource development in the public sector, Nicole Robert decided to establish DIOTIME COACHING in 2017 in order to respond to the professional challenges faced by companies. This relates to various topics such as supporting change management, developing collective intelligence, professional reorganization of executives and managers or managing conflicts in a team. In recent years, and particularly with the advent of remote work, mixed-mode operation has posed new issues for managers and also required them to re-examine practices.

“The idea is to help individuals or teams step back from a professional situation to better manage it, understand it, or provide concrete solutions,” explains Nicole Robert. Therefore, through training that is definitely human based, DIOTIME COACHING allows its clients to have a strategically more operationally flexible operating mode in order to face the complexity and uncertainty of today’s world.

Corporate awareness

DIOTIME COACHING offers its clients one-on-one coaching over ten sessions following an initial interview in order to clearly define the issues and goals to be achieved. Over the course of the support period, a relationship of closeness and trust was built between the two parties. This is the main aspect of the process. It will depend first on the idea of ​​the coach’s credibility, which results from his experience and certification as a coach. It is also related to the influence of the coach and what he embodies. The concept of intimacy It is also part of confidence. The process, in fact, involves entering into resonance with the recipient and encouraging him to open up while maintaining a professional distance: you have to find the right balance.

The coach shall have the power to step aside in favor of the person being coached; The important thing is to help him set a goal and accompany him to achieve it.

“Often, I define a coach as the mentor who allows you to move from a bank of uncertainty and doubt to a bank of awareness for better team or individual performance. To do this, the coach must understand the organization as a system and as a place of interactions and power relations,” adds Nicole Robert.

Rarely as it was a few years ago, professional coaching is now thriving, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. It makes it possible to bring employees to more successes but also to more balance and quality of life at work. Now, many companies include the training dimension at the core of their strategy.

In the face of the ever-changing world of work, companies are increasingly calling for an external structure to help them solve their internal problems. No longer reserved for large organisations, coaching provides all structures with a listening space, promotes reflection and stimulates collective intelligence. It is simply a factor of individual and team performance.

We put our agility at the service of your success.

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