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Coaching Women: When supporting women becomes strategic for companies

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Training for women is being increasingly highlighted by coaches, employment assistance associations and companies to support women leaders. What is the reason for this enthusiasm? Does it meet a societal need?

The Women’s career barriers

According to the study “Myths and Barriers to Women’s Career Path”[1]The most common barriers cited by men are: the need for flexibility and work-life balance, insufficient female talent pool in the industry or sector, social and cultural pressure, level of confidence and perceptions of leadership styles.

To overcome these obstacles, many associations and companies have created support groups, women’s co-development and even “women’s club circles”.

Raymond sweater[2]Co-founder of the International Association Global Women PR France, since January 2021, she explains that her association aims to give keys to women and break through glass ceilings in the world of communications. It provides these women with training, in an individual or group setting, through specific workshops, to decentralize topics such as negotiating salary or taking maternity leave. The Feminist Association accompanies women to remove the brakes and improve their self-confidence.

Many initiatives are being implemented in companies. for example, postal bank create a group called “ Girls in the Bank Which aims to enhance meetings between female managers by exchanging experiences and providing tangible support in the form of guidance.

Companies face withdrawal

Companies face a phenomenon called withdrawal, which reflects an image of power that discourages female candidates.

Indeed, when they are offered a position higher than the one they hold, they refuse promotion. Similarly, women do not apply for a position where they have the skills and competencies.

The coaching appears as a way to support female talent in a managerial position by working on their limiting beliefs to enable them to delegate and be bold, but also to reach positions of high responsibility more calmly.

The company plays a real role in raising the awareness of recruiters and managers about the different performance of women.

Today, the company deprives itself of female talent, and the integration between men and women has real strategic advantages for companies. Psychologist Valerie Colin Simard[3] He asserts that feminine values ​​such as creativity, flexibility and intuition contribute to a more humane economy.

Women are more affected by psychosocial risks

According to the study INSEE “Working Conditions and Difficulties” in March 2022 Women are frequently exposed to some psychological and social risk factors. They are more concerned with the need for haste and lack of autonomy and room to maneuver. In addition, 33% of women say they have to hide their feelings or pretend to be in a good mood at work, compared to 22% of men.

“If women are the first to be affected by moral harassment, it does not mean that they are more vulnerable. It is because they act as if they were not.” Explicit Valerie Colin Simard.

However, the gender approach can be complex for companies,” there is a risk of being accused of discrimination, and analytics Lawrence SonderPartner Manageras if (French Institute of Action on Stress). However, taking this dimension into account will allow for a better prevention in order to support employees in maintaining their distance and anticipating the difficulties they face.

The implications for occupational health have a significant cost to companies: absenteeism, internal dysfunctions, impacts on the company’s work and results, and so on.

Coaching can be delivered individually to prevent burnout, better understand the aftermath of burnout, and manage work-life balance, for example. Collectively, coaching can improve the daily lives of teams with methods such as emotional intelligence or non-violent communication.

A different approach to exponential evolution

The study on “Myths and Barriers to Women’s Career Paths” shows that organizations must care about the intersection of identities in order to open the way in which they approach and implement diversity. Intersecting identities correspond to cultural, national, socioeconomic, religious, sexual, material, and generational experiences.

according to Dr. Rohini AnandOrganizations must promote a holistic and inclusive approach that supports women and encourages their advancement.

The approach to training women makes it possible to take these characteristics into account, in particular by offering an individual approach adapted to each woman’s story.

Diversity, a challenge to management innovation

Companies play a critical role in diversity, they are the largest agents of change in leadership. To enhance this diversity, there are certainly legal frameworks such as Law COpp Zimmermann, But there are also many assets to explore.

Indeed, mixed management would enhance efficiency, teamwork and performance.

for Celine AlexFounder TheWayWeWork “Women prefer to establish a management style based on collectivism and effectiveness. The exchange of skills, the exchange of ideas, and mutual assistance are most effective because their goal is to succeed together.”

Group training and collaborative workshops (not necessarily gender specific) respond to these issues mentioned. They facilitate communication and allow teams to gain height and approach from a different angle.

At the same time, the position of a woman is an important means of communication, and is an asset in the business owner’s brand.

For example, fileOriel Ranked as one of the most equal companies in the world and number 1 in France by balance. The company communicates regularly about its commitment to women on equal access to training and reducing wage gaps. It has obtained recognized certificates: GEEIS (Gender equality European and international standard) in 23 countries and edge (Economic Dividends for Gender Equality).

From a female escort to an escort for all

In 2020, it was released Michelin Group The program has startedWomen in motionEmpowering women in the company who want to become ambassadors of their professions, thus contributing to their attractiveness to women. Many women in Europe have benefited from special support around a tailored programme: a six-month training phase, individual and group, followed by a year of mentoring.

during 2020, Michelin I also worked to redesign a training program initially intended for women and is open to anyone in the company who feels like a glass ceiling because of who they are, without necessarily being identified as having high potential.

More and more companies, across all sectors, are recognizing that it is time to redefine the world of work. This can start with implementing female or genderless training, the important thing is that you have a positive impact on people and society.

[1] Mazars study in partnership with Observatoire de la mixité 2022 “Myths and barriers to women’s career”

[2] Kenza Raymond is also Partner, Director of Corporate and Crisis Division at Euros / Agency Group.

[3] Valerie Colin Simard, in her book “When Women Wake Up…” Albin Michel.

Tribune By Maureen Passard, Senior Square Management Consultant

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