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real estate | Best Dealer Scale: Sluggish pricing is taking hold across the country

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In the context of a marked price slowdown across the country, The best agentsthe leader in online assessment, through the present its scale from DecThe current situation and prospects of the French real estate market.

According to the study, there is still a month to go, and the argument for a slight seasonal slowdown in the rate can still be heard. Today, it can no longer be doubted: Low prices in the ten major French cities truly. At the beginning of October, they were actually only three that turned into the negative territory. At the beginning of November, there were six of them. They are now eight. While that night And the Marseille Remaining green with an increase of +0.7% and +0.8% respectively over the past 30 days, top 10 cities We see their prices drop by -0.1%. If the decline remains for the time being limited to Nantes (-0.1%), on the other hand, was marked to a greater extent at Lions And the Nice – good (-0.3% both), Toulouse (-0.4%) or so Montpellier (-0.6%). burgundy (-0.9%), reindeer (-1%) f Strasbourg (-1%) see their prices fall sharply into the red while DC continues the slow erosion of tariffs (-0.5%).

The best agents.

After years of euphoria that has been slightly dampened over the past two years due to the health crisis and the gradual tightening of conditions for access to credit, the real estate market is entering a new cycle. The most telling example of this bear market contagion is Montpellier. While the vast majority of cities in the top ten have recorded only a slight change in prices since January (+0.7% in Toulouse, +2.1% in Strasbourg, +3.1% in Lille or even +3.4% in Nantes), Herault province (+ 7.1%) withstood the shock and remained the only one following a particularly high upward pace Marseille (+ 12.3%). However, it has, in turn, decreased to red. According to the barometer, the other capital is likely to see a new negative trend that the market is taking Bordeaux. The capital of Gironde is now experiencing the largest marked decline (-2.4% since January).

The slowdown is taking hold across the country

On a national level, the market also celebrates the time. Since the publication of the last Barometer, prices have stagnated across the country (0%). alone Rural areas Still doing well (+0.5% in November) thanks to continued interest from home project promoters. The rest of the market is affected by apartments whose prices are dropping 58 o’clock. This follows the current pause in the evolution of stone prices across France Gradual slowdown Observed for seven months now. Thus, while in mayoPrices continued to rise +0.8% in France, however, they increased +0.5% month over month in June and July. In August, they barely recorded an increase of +0.3%, and in September and October, they peaked at +0.2% and +0.1%, respectively. While this recession appears to be a logical continuation of a soft landing phase, it is nonetheless part of a seasonal context, with November and December traditionally being among the least active periods for the real estate market. Whether in 2019, 2020 or 2021, the evolution of stone prices during the fourth quarter is still slowing down compared to what was recorded during the previous quarters. And so, last year, the variance was +2.5% in Q1, +3.6% in Q2, +1.3% in Q3 versus just +0.6% in October and November. In this regard, 2022 is no exception (+1.5% in the first quarter, +2% in the second quarter, +1% in the third quarter and +0.1% in October-November).

The best agents.

The best agents.

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