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Full card for REC, Sisson St-Brieuc left the elite podium, Quimper Volley losing 29

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This weekend, the men’s REC went looking for a new success in Nancy (3-1) in Ligue 2 while Quimper Volley 29 narrowly lost to Saint-Dié in the women’s elite (2-3). Back to all our Breton club volleyball results.

REC moves forward in Ligue B

REC is doing fairly well off its feet in this early part of the season. After the successes against Saint Quentin and Mendy, this weekend Rennes won the victory for Nancy’s team (3-1). And even if the squad that was in reverse has been reduced due to four absences, Quentin Marion’s men still put in a very serious performance.

Despite the first set taking advantage from Lorraine, the Bretilliens took control of the match by dictating their tempo. They were applied in the offensive phase, sweeping away their opponents with great confidence. Thanks to this result, the Breton club rose to fifth place in the second division, before facing Martigues (10) next weekend.

Sison Saint-Brieuc is dominated by Calais in the elite

Sison Saint-Brieuc did not see the same success during his trip to Calais (3-1). The locals immediately put the Costamorcans in a difficult situation, and they were unable to respond. Robin Huttrell and his teammates then reacted in heat two to get back up to Calaisiens. Unfortunately, however, they were frustrated at the end of the match by making many errors, particularly in services. The Briochins therefore fall one rank (4) in the elite in favor of their opponents of the day.

deserve success Kloar-Aven VB 29

At National 2, Chartres dominated CPB Rennes (3-0). Particularly the fault of a completely reorganized team at Rennes due to absenteeism. Bretillian was never able to propose a real opposition to the Christolians. Nicolas Combet and his players are the most Red Lanterns in the championship ever with just one win after eight days.

Against Mérignac, signed Kloar-Aven VB 29 performed well (3-0) against a team that has been struggling since the start of the season. However, the match was very close between the two formations. Certain of their strength, the Girondins held out every round against the Finisterians, but the Cloharsiens’ ingenuity and experience made all the difference. They are currently on the podium. Finally, Saint-Renan is swept away by Saint-Nazaire (3-0) and is dangerously close to the red zone.

Women’s REC wins the elite class

Among the women, Quimper Volley challenged 29 Saint-Dié, the leader of the elite. And at the end of a great showdown between two contenders for promotion, it was the Kimberois who lost (3-2). They did the hardest by going 2-1 before they collapsed completely. Alexandra Davenport and her partners stay on the platform after all.

He was welcomed by the penultimate Halloween Regional Center in the ranking. Louise Narbonne’s teammates put in a very interesting performance to win (3-0). Thanks to this success, Rennes resumes its quest for the play-offs even if Bordeaux also wins this weekend.

A setback for REC and Quimper reserves

As for the reserves, REC B didn’t hold out against Niort (3-1) over time. Ren won the first round before gradually losing control of the match. Club Bretillien is currently penultimate in Nationale 2. Quimper Volley 29 B has been corrected in its room by Argenteuil (3-0). Finisteriennes is in fifth place, on the soft bottom of the standings.

All results:

Nancy – REC : 1–3 (26/24; 21/25; 12/25; 19/25)

Free time Inter Sport Saint Pierre – Sisson St Brieuc :3-1 (25/19; 23/25; 25/17; 25/19)

  • National 2 men:

Saint Nazaire – San Renan Aeroise : 3-0 (25/15; 25/18; 25/18)
Chartres- CPB Ren 35 : 3-0 (25/17; 25/16; 25/14)
Kloar-Aven VB 29 – Merinac: 3-0 (27/25; 31/29; 25/22)

  • National 3 men:

3. RegistrationSisson St Brieuc :3-1 (25/23; 25/21; 22/25; 25:19)
CSM Clamart – Orgerblon : 2-3 (21/25; 25/17; 25/16; 23/25; 9/15)
Sison Chanteby FernMarbie Champux : 3-1 (25/14; 25/13; 23/25; 25/22)
ESP Bibriac Canton – PUC: 3-1 (25/17; 25/22; 24/26; 25/21)

Saint-Die-des-Vosges – 29 :3 – 2 (25/17; 13/25; 16/25; 25/14; 15/10)
REC – Halloween: 3-0 (25/18; 25/19; 25:16)

  • National 2 for women:

Quimper Volleyball 29 2 – Argenteuil: 0-3 (10/25; 13/25; 16/25)
Registration 2 – Niort: 1–3 (25/17; 23/25; 21/25; 24/26)

  • National 3 for women:

Sport Landis Friendly – CPB Ren 35 : 0–3 (18/25; 21/25; 22/25)
Montgermont – FIVB: 1-3 (21/25; 21/25; 25/18; 10/25)
Saint Laurent Star Metropolis Brest56- Volleyball valves : 3-1 (21/25; 25/20; 25/17; 25/20)

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