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Businesses: Why a gift voucher remains a safe bet

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The year has been tough both for employees, hit hard by inflation, and for many business leaders, who have been hit by soaring energy costs. For those who haven’t been able to raise their paychecks or offer bonuses, a Christmas gift voucher remains an effective way to show appreciation.

Faced with the loss of purchasing power that had gripped the French for months, employees were treated unequally depending on the company, and some did better than others. Thus, at the beginning of the summer, almost two-thirds of small and medium business leaders increased their employees’ salaries. More than half of those who haven’t already done so plan to do so by the end of the year, according to a business survey conducted by the Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises in early July. On the other hand, 68% have already paid a bonus to their employees to offset inflation.

Encouraging figures, but far from being of interest to everyone! In other small and medium-sized companies, as in some large groups, employees have not received any raises or bonuses this year, and nothing is planned for the end of December, at the risk of causing discontent and frustration. Fortunately, there is still a Christmas gift voucher, a basic motivational booster, and a basic way for the boss to show his appreciation!

Advantages of corporate gift vouchers the most difficult

For companies that have been hit hard by the rising cost of energy and the increasing cost of raw materials, 2022 has been particularly complex. It is the same for those who have difficulty due to lack of electronic components. Raising wages or paying bonuses was an impossible task, especially since the latter were subject to social charges and employer costs.

In this challenging economic context, Kadéos gift vouchers and gift cards are a safe bet that allows you to show your gratitude no matter what. An advantage for the company that distributes it is that it is exempt from social and employer contributions!

How does a Kadeos gift voucher work?

In companies with less than fifty employees, which do not have a CSE, it is up to the employer to request gift vouchers. All employees receive an equal amount, without discrimination. As part of the children’s Christmas, gift vouchers can be given in addition.

Companies also have access to the intangible gift shop for employees.

With Edenred’s Kadéos solution, more than 60,000 points of sale in the fields of fashion, crafts, culture, automotive and high-tech are accessible. You can also choose Made in France, Responsible Consumer, and Independent Traders. The employer can manage the application directly online on the website.

Gift Coupon: Additional discounts for employees

In addition to gift vouchers in various forms, Kadéos Edenred also offers discounts negotiated with the partners in its network. These exclusive offers give access to €220 additional savings, which are added to the actual amount of gift vouchers. For company employees, this is an additional savings, always welcome, inflation or not!

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