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Breton clubs will be able to recruit from December 31

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While the Football World Cup is in full swing, clubs in France are gradually finding their way back to training. And the transfer window is fast approaching since it will take place from December 31 to January 31.

Who will land in Brittany? Who’s going to go? These are the usual questions that everyone asks themselves before a transfer window period and this year will be no exception to the rule. Even more after a World Cup which allows certain clubs to discover talents or to see the confirmation of future champions of the round ball.

Fahd El Khoumisti leaves Le Mans for Concarneau

So Brest, Lorient, Rennes, Guingamp, but also Concarneau and Saint-Brieuc could take advantage of this window between December 31 and January 31 to shop. The Guingamp and Concarnois leaders have already launched hostilities with the arrival of Amine El Ouazzani in Côtes-d’Armor and the return of Fahd El Khoumisti in Finistère.

Maintenance objective for Stade Brestois

Brest could also seek to strengthen to rectify the situation and quickly move away from the red zone. Lorient hopes for its part to confirm its good start to the season by trying to continue to play spoilsports in the top 6 of Ligue 1 while Rennes will want to climb to the podium of the Championship while making a good run in the European Cup .

Suffice to say that the various Breton presidents must not be mistaken, even more so in a year with 4 runs and with a World Cup which will inevitably have an impact on the end of the season. See you on December 28 for the resumption of Ligue 1 and three days later for the start of the transfer window!

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