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World Cup 2022 | Qatar is falling behind on its death toll for migrant workers, but huge unanswered questions remain

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During an interview with Piers Morgan, the director of the Supreme Committee charged with organizing the World Cup in Qatar returned to the number of deaths of migrant workers on construction sites for the World Cup.

Recently, during an interview with the talk show host Pierre Morgan, Hassan Al ThawadiThe director of the Supreme Committee in charge of organizing the Qatar World Cup in Qatar said that the organizers think so 400 to 500 workers were killed On World Cup construction sites.

This is a stunning claim, because for the first time, official Qatari estimates of the number of casualties associated with hosting the World Cup exceed 100. This claim is also stunning because of the loss with which Hassan Al Thawadi dropped that number. Furthermore, this statement was not part of an official report or investigation, and the manner in which the information was received indicates that it is of little importance.

Hassan Al Thawadi delivered his speech in all the correct terms. “One death is already too many, it’s that simple,” he said. However, one death is clearly not a lot, or even 500, for this World Cup, which is a real exercise of soft power and politics. Hassan al-Thawadi said working conditions are improving. It has been twelve years since Qatar shocked the world by winning the right to host the World Cup in stadiums that did not yet exist. He has had more than a decade to reduce working conditions to human levels. However, every day of the World Cup, journalists highlight cases of abuse and exploitation.

At the center of the plight, suffering and death of migrant workers is a notorious regime Bailprevailing in all Gulf countries. in Arabic, Bail It literally means “guardianship”. Human Rights Watch said this binds the foreign worker to a sponsor and gives the sponsor “unfettered powers over migrant workers, allowing them to escape accountability for labor and human rights abuses, and leaving workers in debt and in constant fear of reprisal.” Qatar claims that Bail But the reality on the ground indicates that this repeal is nothing more than a reform on paper rather than in reality.

last year guardian wrote that 6,500 migrant workers Died in the construction of World Cup stadiums and related infrastructure, sparking a storm of protests in some Western European countries.

Perhaps the most important question raised by Hassan Al-Thawadi’s statement on the surface is the number itself. For most of the run-up to the World Cup, the number of worker casualties cited by Qatar was 37. Today, if Hassan al-Thawadi is to be believed, that number is 500. Or, as he put it, “between 400 and 500. I don’t have the exact number.” It’s something that’s being discussed.” »

“It appears from this quote that senior officials in Qatar are still” deciding “how many deaths they will choose to counter actual deaths,” the British journalist wrote. Nick Harris on me Twitter.

It is inconceivable that the Supreme Committee was not aware of the workers’ deaths, given Qatar’s stranglehold on what migrants can and cannot do in the Gulf state. Perhaps Hassan al-Thawadi’s new revelation is a middle figure?

Many independent surveys and studies claim this More than 6,000 people He died while working on infrastructure for Qatar before the World Cup. The magic tricks and illusions Qatar has devised to reduce that number to a minimum are more impressive than anything they showed during the World Cup.

The death of a healthy worker during the construction of the stadium is considered a natural death, simply because nothing fell on him or he fell out of nowhere. No mention was made of inhuman working conditions, unforgiving heat, or long working hours. All of these factors played a role in thousands of “natural” worker deaths.

If there’s one thing worse than killing these people, it’s wiping out their very existence. This is exactly what Qatar is doing with its insincerity about World Cup-related worker deaths.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Samendra Conte

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