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The Phoenicians continue their style against the leader of Dunkirk (8-3)

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On Saturday evening, the Albatross in Brest welcomed the Dunkirk Corsairs during the 10th day of Division 1. Finesterien outperformed their opponents (8-3) to claim a second success in a row after the one they got against Strasbourg.

Great start

The two formations on either side come into the game with a lot of commitment. It was the Albatross from Brest who found fault first through Gauthier Gibert (1-0, 4) who was only at the start of his party. After surgery in front of the Dunkirk cages, Mathieu Tremblay doubled the ante by serving up Ville Vepsäläinen (2-0, 5).

And while all was going well, the Venestrians sadly rested on their feat by conceding two goals in quick succession from the visitors (2-1, 11, 2-2, 12). An electric shock to Graham Avenel’s teammates who quickly took the lead thanks to the unstoppable Gauthier Gibert (3-2, 12th). At the end of the first period, the locals were ahead.

Bretons take off

The Buccaneer started the discipline fouls sequence on defense by conceding several penalties. In numerical superiority, the Albatross regained a two-step lead (4-2, 29) while Jiří Blažek had a great game in his cages as he used to. With great calm and control, Pavol Mihalik’s men showed their best team since the start of the season. They also widened the gap again while the championship leader looked helpless (5-2, 33 and then 6-2, 36).

Brest Albatross rises in the world rankings

At the dawn of the last twenty minutes of the game, the Finisterians were comfortably leading (7-3). And Gauthier Gibert scored a quadruple (8-3, 55) to round off the show of power from the Albatross of Brest. With this great success, the D1 champions moved up to 8th place and started to pick up momentum. They will therefore have to confirm their renewed form next week against Chambery, penultimate in the tournament.

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