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3 ways to give your brand purpose

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If you want to create a brand that will never lose its attractiveness or its dominant position in the market, it is essential to integrate it into something greater – to give it a goal that captures the spirit of your target audience and stimulates the desire to be part of your brand story at any cost. Make sure your brand stands for something powerful.

Nike understood this mission when they incorporated hints of inspiration and motivation into their brand image to create purpose driven social media campaigns.

Here are three ways to add lens to your brand.

  1. Inspire feelings

Associate emotions with your brand – the feelings your target consumers want to feel, that motivate them to buy your products or services.

Nike is an adept at stirring emotions with inspiring ads featuring the world’s best athletes. Nike advertising shows top performers wear Nike clothing to perform at their best, so by purchasing Nike products, you’re securing a seat at the top performer’s table. ” do it Perhaps the simplest, most inspiring and impactful brand logo ever.

Emotional marketing has been on the rise since the pandemic hit. Nostalgia is a sense of comfort and familiarity, which is what we all need after the roller coaster we’ve been on over the past couple of years. With levels of anxiety on the rise around the world, nostalgia has been the perfect remedy to lift people’s spirits. Advertising agencies understood this.

Emotional advertising has the power to make consumers listen to your message, remember it, share it with their social networks, and/or buy what you’re selling. To elicit an emotional response to ads, target a specific emotion, such as fear, happiness, anger, or sadness.

  1. Think like a consumer

The competition with other companies has never been stronger, and consumers are getting smarter: they are often looking for multifunctional products or services that offer additional benefits and / or make their lives easier. Put it this way: If you had to choose between two new coffee brands at the same price, would you buy the one that only sells coffee or that offers coffee with added health benefits or helps make the world a better place? It’s a simple question. People are busier than ever these days, and buying from brands that give back is often their way of doing their part.

The same logic applies to brands whose products solve consumer problems. Try to immerse yourself in your audience and give them what they want. Show them how your solution can make their lives better or easier.

Consumer information is key to thinking like a consumer. Use an online survey platform to add three to six quick and specific questions to your database to gain valuable insight. Most people lead busy lives, so be sure to give consumers a reason to take time out of their day to complete the survey. Free products or e-book downloads make it easy to gather data to help you build your database.

  1. Set your goal and make it part of your mission

This trend is nothing new. Like current fashion trends, it’s a recycled idea. Milton Hershey, founder of the Hershey’s Chocolate Company, is a good example. In 1909, with his wife, he founded the Hershey Industrial School for Orphans. Today, the school is known as Milton Hershey School, and continues to provide education to children from low-income families. Goals like this win consumers’ hearts and inspire them to buy from a brand rather than its competitors because they feel they are doing their part to support a cause they believe in.

How do you define the purpose of your brand?

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

– What is the reason for your passion? What do you want to support?

How do you integrate support for this cause into your work mission?

Let’s say you’re starting a fashion brand and you’re passionate about fighting plastic and trash that ends up in the ocean. Here are simple ways to incorporate your passion into your brand’s mission:

Donate a small percentage of sales to a local ocean conservation charity.

Organize local beach clean-ups or partner with current events to strengthen your bonds with your local community and create a network of locals who share your passion.

– Host an annual event to raise awareness for the charity, auction products/services and give gifts to help raise funds.

– Host a photo session at a local beach to raise awareness of the ongoing plastic problem and its impact on local ocean life.

Prevent plastic from packaging your products.

– Collaborate with influencers and organizations that share your interests.

In short, adding purpose to your business can extend the life of your brand. If you’re not a fan of branding, creative ideas, and purpose-driven strategies, there are plenty of freelance professionals at your fingertips on LinkedIn and freelancing platforms. Find an independent business or small branding agency that has great reviews.

Translated article from Forbes US – Author: Sophie Bowman (Multi-award-winning social media scientist. Founder of ConvertYourFollowers.com and Brand Branding PR LLC.)

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