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The Brits fall at home for the first time this season against Mont-de-Marsan (12-17)

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On Friday evening, RC Vannes hosted Stade Montois on the 13th day of Pro D2. And after a well-balanced match, Morbihani was unfortunately defeated (12-17). Here’s what to remember from the meeting.

The first half is disappointing

Like last week against Montauban, RC Vannes once again suffered first action below its standards. With a lot of commitment, Montoa entered the game one better by scoring a penalty quickly (0-3, 6). For their part, the locals had great difficulties playing in the opposing camp.

So difficult, Vannetais couldn’t link up the play stages while Maxime Lafage lacked precision on the foot. Jean-Noel Spitzer’s men accelerated before the break to reverse the situation. Five meters from the line, however, they lost a touch that would have allowed them to open their counter. At half time, Britton were leading 3-0, while the reaction was predictable.

RC Vannes takes the lead

Upon returning from the locker room, the La Rabine residents quickly showed a new, more ambitious and conquering face. Urged on by his teammates, Baja Taveli who was celebrating his 150th appearance for RCV fired into the opposition goal (5-3, 43). And Morbihani continued to impose their game against Landis in difficulty. Cyril Blanchard even scored a second try after a touch (12-3, 58). Then the outcome of the match seemed to be down to Hugo Zabalza’s team mates.

before giving up at the end of the game

But the RC Fanny players rested on their laurels and Montua capitalized on them. Nicolas Garrault pulled it back at the start (12-10, 63), which completely restarted the match. Filled with hope, the visitors redoubled their efforts to score the second try (12-17, 70). And despite Britton’s numerous attempts at the end of the match to return to the score, it was the partners of Rafael Rubic who won the victory (17-12).

The Bretons fall off the platform

With this first home defeat of the season, RC Vannes gave up the third place in Pro D2 to Biarritz. Now fourth in the championship, Morbihannais will have to redeem their colors against Aurillac next week to continue hoping for promotion to French rugby’s elite.

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